Choose Between Two or More Veterinarians

Our pets are important members of our family and therefore, the choice of a veterinarian is an important one. In some cities, there are an abundance of veterinary services to choose from. In other towns, there are only a few. With gasoline prices as high as they are now, it is imperative to find a veterinarian within a relatively close proximity to our homes and that often narrows down the choices we have to make.

Interviewing two or more veterinarians is important to find the best provider for your pet(s). Of course, you may be able to find out about a particular animal doctor from others in your neighborhood who have happy, well cared for pets. Some veterinarians specialize in particular species of animals: there are vets who specialize in canines only, or cats or birds. There are vets who specialize in exotic pets such as snakes and other reptiles. Make sure that the veterinarian you choose is experienced with your particular pet.

Choosing between two or more veterinarians should not be a daunting task. Once you receive recommendations from friends, neighbors and possibly pet store employees, it should be relatively easy to make a decision. Most vets are competitively priced but a deciding factor may be whether or not the vet utilizes natural or homeopathic medicine as opposed to pharmaceuticals. I know with my pets I prefer to have homeopathic flea control as well as the special foods that are available through the vet’s office. Also, my vet does not rush through appointments. Besides the obvious need to visit the veterinarian to have rabies and other vaccinations, the vet should take time to examine the animal for signs of illness that might not be so apparent on the outside. For instance, a dental and ear exam should be done annually to determine any problems that might exist in these areas.

Make a list of “Absolute Musts” that you want from your pet’s doctor. My list includes things such as appearance of vet’s office, caring staff members, number of clients, attention to detail, preventative care, and obvious love of animals. I can tell right away when a vet or vet’s assistant is not that interested in treating my dog or cats. A caring, loving veterinarian and staff will help your pet to relax while being examined as well as give you peace of mind that you have, indeed, chosen the right veterinarian for your pet’s needs.


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