Compare the 10 Best Dog Food Brands

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Reading your dogs’ food labels is as important as reading your own. I have researched how you want to see the ingredients in your dog’s diet. The first ingredient should be meat. Just like that, no chicken meal, or bone meal, just meat. When you see the word “meal” it isn’t just meat. This means that whatever else fell into the grinder from the animal, like bones, teeth etc, will also be in your dog’s food. The foods protein source should be at least the first item listed. This cannot be stressed enough. This is where your dog will be receiving most of their nutrition.

You also want to stay clear of certain composites of your dog’s food as well. I like to call them fillers. Like humans, your dog needs more than just meat. They too benefit from grains and vegetables. When your dog is ready to eat they don’t care what shape or color their food is. They could care less if their food is green or red or any color. Try to stay clear of the artificial coloring surprisingly found in many dog food varieties. It’s not just that coloring or certain preservatives are unneeded in their food, these ingredients can also cause your dog to develop allergies.

Keep an eye on the carbohydrate levels too. The higher the carbohydrates the more future health risks for your dog. Many animal care specialists believe there is a link between high carbohydrate dog food and the higher percentage of dogs being diagnosed with cancer.

Below I have listed what consumer research has listed as the top ten dog foods. This is from I suggest first visiting the ASPCA website for free pet food consultation before switching your dog’s food brand, and as always check with your veterinarian.

The 10 dog foods you should consider and compare:

  1. Orijen- This dog food contains no carbohydrates. Just the natural ones from potatoes.

  2. Chicken soup for the pet lovers’ soul- A little cheaper for you but quality ingredients. Some flavors do contain chicken meal.

  3. Inova EVO- What I feed my dog. This dog food is extremely close to the raw diet and has received a 6 star rating on (which is their best rating).

  4. Canidae- Almost all of their variety contains chicken, lamb and fish. Extremely healthy, but also extremely pricey.

  5. Natural Balance- A premium natural dog food.

  6. Solid Gold Barking at the Moon- Great source of protein keeps your dog healthy.

  7. Natures variety- A great grain free diet. Really good for your dogs’ digestive track.

  8. Wellness Core- Grain free and a great choice for an aging dog.

  9. Tastes of the wild- Great for larger dog breeds. Supposed to be close to a wild diet.

  10. Wellness- Their label says it all 95% meat or Salmon.

This is just from reading up on the brands through consumer search, and checking ingredients with ASCPCA pet food safety guides. You always want to make sure your dog will adapt to the new brand because if they won’t eat it, they won’t get any of the nutrients. An important guideline to switching brands is also to ease your dog into it by mixing the new brand with the old until you completely switchover. Always consult your veterinarian.


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