Find a Cow Parts Diagram: Cow Anatomy

Photo of a cow

How do you find a diagram of cow parts? There are two ways to find them that come to mind quickly. You can visit the local library or do a search on the Internet. With a little research, you can find the drawing you need. 

The first thing is to decide which cow part or parts you need to find. Are you interested in the anatomy of a diary cow or a beef cow? Do you need a specialized diagram of a cow’s stomach or one that locates the switch (the part located at the end of its tail)? Perhaps you want to find out where specific cuts of meat come from ?

The next step is finding information on that specific part. Begin your search by looking for books at your local library that have diagrams; one of the best places to look is in general cookbooks. You might also try books on animals.

The second option is to use any of the Internet’s many search engines to find diagrams. Where to begin can be difficult, so you need to know how to narrow the search. Using a general term such as “cow parts” will provide hundreds of thousands of websites and articles. Instead, try using the term “diagram of a dairy cow” or “cow parts diagram.” 

Try using specific search terms such as “cow stomach” to locate specific charts. When the search engine presents selections, read descriptions of each. This strategy provides a good idea of how reliable the information from that selection will be.

If you want to locate a diagram of the parts of a beef cow you would do the same as for the parts of a dairy cow. There are also other terms you could use such as “cow meat chart,” “butcher a beef cow,” or “beef cuts chart.”


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