How To Apply Soft Paws to Your Cat’s Claws

If you own a cat, then you probably know the trouble your cat can be to your flooring, exposed ankles and valuable furniture. And you don’t want to declaw your precious pets because it’s not humane to do so. To save your vintage furniture and other valuables, you can give your cat a SoftPaws manicure or slip-on plastic claw covers. Below are tips on how to apply SoftPaws to your cat.

  • Wear gloves to safeguard your arms and hands. Wear a pair of standard yellow rubber gloves because they are textured for effective traction when you’re gripping an unhappy wiggling cat. Your cat can’t scratch or bite you because the gloves are thick, and he can’t scratch you because your gloves are long enough. Don’t use leather or knit gloves because they’re slippery, and knit gloves can be easily pierced. Leather gloves on the other hand are expensive.
  • Spend quality time petting your cat while you’re wearing gloves. Your cat needs to be familiarized with your hand’s the feel and smell while wearing gloves so it will be easy for you to apply SoftPaws on him.
  • Flip and cradle your cat like an infant in your one arm. If there’s no one to assist, then you just need to curl your arm and your hand must gently press your cat’s belly so your cat will stay down and you can have a firm grip.
  • Spend more quality time cajoling and petting your cat. Your cat may not appear happy being flipped with belly-up, so you need to soothe your pet a little bit for comfort.
  • Grip the forearm of your cat beyond its paw. Hold it firmly but gently. Your cat might be struggling at this moment, so ask for help if there’s someone around. If you’re alone, just encircle your arm so you can cradle your cat against your body and try to keep the grip.
  • Press your thumb softly against your cat’s paw bottom pad to extrude your cat’s paws. Remember that your cat is struggling so ensure that you can sustain an effective grip.
  • Use clippers to blunt/trim your cat’s claws. This is vital so that your cat can’t pierce or scratch anything valuable at your home. Just try to focus so you can do it quickly. It’s really hard to control a cat struggling at your arms.
  • Slide the claw covers on your cat’s blunted claws. Do it one at a time. The claw covers must easily slip and fit comfortably on every claw. Be careful fitting the claws over claw sheaths if they’re too long because your cat might get irritated if they often rub against the sheaths.
  • Put down the claw covers and clippers and spend more quality time petting your cat. Scratch at your cat’s special spots after slipping a two or three claw covers. Your cat needs to relax because it’s hard to finish putting all the claw covers if your cat gets too much irritated.
  • Rinse and continue applying the remaining SoftPaws to your cat. Do it once your cat becomes calm again.

Now, you can enjoy playing with your cat or have a good time watching your pet roam around your house without you worrying that your cat might scratch or pierce something valuable.


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