How To Attract Goldfinches

We’ve had the pleasure of having gold finches in our backyard for three years now.  They visit all summer long and even occasionally in winter months they stop by.  They are beautiful bright yellow birds and a delight to look at through a window!

Here is what you need to do to attract them to your yard.

This is a commitment on your part.  Once you start attracting them, they will continue to visit, so think it out to make it a success for both you and your gold finches.

  • First of all, find a nice peaceful place where the gold finches will be able to come eat in peace.  Put the feeder in a place that you can enjoy watching them from a window or a seat in the back yard.  You don’t want to attract them only to scare them away when you open the door to go out and see them.
  • Second, make sure you cut down any high grass; even better, plant some colorful flowers.  Make them feel safe by not having high things for predators to hide in.  Make the area attractive.
  • You need to get a feeder designed especially for finches.  These are usually tall and thin and specifically say finch feeders on them.  
  • You will need finch bird seed also. Gold finches do not eat regular bird seed; instead, they eat the tiny black seed.  
  • You should hang the finch feeder on a shepherd’s pole or build something suitable to hang the feeder from. You need to make sure that there is nothing nearby that any squirrels, cats or hawks can climb, swoop down on or jump onto.
  • Next, put a bird bath nearby. This not only attracts them to the area, but gives them something to drink.
  • Finally, be patient.  The gold finches won’t likely come the day you hang the feeder.  They need to see it there for a few days, sometimes a few weeks. They are cautious birds, and will fly by and see if it is an attractive and peaceful place for them to come to visit. They watch to see if other birds are around. – they like other birds.  They will watch to see if predators come; they don’t like predators.   Finally, once they decide it looks good, they will start visiting.  First one, then two or three – gold finches often flock by the dozens, so if they like the habitat you’ve created for them you can expect to see lots of them soon!

Once they start coming, you need to keep the feeder full and the water clean.


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