How To Become an Aviculturist

An aviculturist is someone who raises birds in order to maintain the species of birds, to raise birds that will become someone’s companion, and/or to sell birds for a profit. Also, an aviculturist is a dedicated caretaker who educates the public on how to properly care for birds and how to nurture birds. Now, those who wish to become aviculturists need to understand that entering into this profession does require that you be educated in areas concerning birds. If you are someone that has started planning to keep different species of birds, it is important to know how to properly care for each type of bird you wish to keep.

Although becoming an aviculturist may be challenging, by maintaining focus and taking the steps needed to achieve your goal, you will be able to master this profession with ease.

  • The majority of those who become aviculturists seek to teach people about the history of birds, the care that is required, and the habitat the bird lives in to promote the longevity of different types of bird species.  Take the time to study these aspects of aviculture in depth.  It is definitely worth enrolling in some university-level courses or even completing a degree program.
  • Try to network with other future aviculturists and with some people who are already in the profession, and share some research responsibility.
  • Gain the certification to be an aviculturist. The certification process will be conducted under the trained eye of professionals who specialize in various types of birds, such as experienced aviculturists and veterinarians. This process will include inspection of the housing where you intend to keep the birds, as well as the methods that you intend to use when maintaining the birds.
  • Keep in mind that there are different aviculture societies that have varying standards. These will need to be met in order for you  to qualify for a membership or be considered as a professional aviculturist. Check the rules, regulations, and standards of each society to comply.
  • Properly caring for your birds will require adequate housing, breeding space, and caring for them. So it will take space, time, and finances to care for these birds. Know that you will be able to physically and financially be able to take care of the birds you plan to raise.


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