How To Build a Cat Condo

A cat condo is furniture designed to serve as your pet’s second home. It is a way of providing your cat with a place he can claim as his own. Cat condos are available in pet shops and supermarkets. However, they can cost a lot making them a luxury that you may not be able to afford for your cat. If you want to give your cat his own pet condo, the ideal way is to build one from scratch.
Here are the steps that you should follow to build a cat condo:

  • Identify the habits of your cat. In order to build a cat condo for your furry little pet, it is wise to first observe his habits. Take note of the activities that your cat often does. If he is fond of scratching your furniture, then you know that your cat condo will need a scratching post. If your cat spends most of his time curling up in your pillows, then you know that the cat condo will need a place where he can laze and sleep all day. If your cat likes to climb high places, your cat condo should be taller than most of your furniture.
  • Design the cat condo. After finding out the habits of your cat, your next step will be to design the cat condo. Using your observations, design the cat condo according to your pet’s habits. Try to accommodate all the activities he wants to indulge in, in order to build a cat condo he will thoroughly enjoy. If you are open to the possibility of having more than one cats, make sure that the design you make will accommodate the cats you might acquire in the future.
  • Build the cat condo. After finishing your design, allot some free time to build the cat condo. You may ask for your family or friend’s assistance if you are not skilled in carpentry. Always make sure to test the edges to see if there are protruding nails that might harm your cat. After building the condo, paint it and decorate it according to your liking. Make sure to consult your design after you finish the condo to see if you missed anything. If you want to make additional changes to the design of the condo, or if you have new ideas that you want to try, now is a good time to make the finishing touches and last minute modifications on the condo.
  • Add your personal touch. After you finish building the cat condo, all you have to do is add your personal touch. Lay out some pillows where your cat can lazily curl up and sleep. If your cat enjoys a particular pillow in your house, you might have to place that in the cat condo as well, in order to lure him into staying and getting used to his new place. Put some tiny toys that your cat might enjoy. Putting his favorite things in the cat condo is a good idea of condition him to stay in the cat condo all the time.

Building a cat condo is one way to show your cat how much you care for him. There are no limits to the designs and added features that you can place in the cat condo. If you follow these steps, you can make sure that your cat will have a very comfortable place to spend his growing days.


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