How To Build a Cheap Dog Kennel

Building a dog kennel for your pet is beneficial for both you and your canine.  Not only will your dog be able to have a place outdoors to run around and enjoy some sunshine, but you will also have a safe place to keep your dog while outdoors.  What stops many people from building a dog kennel is that it can be rather expensive, especially if done by a professional.  Fortunately, it’s easy to build a cheap dog kennel on your own.

Before building your cheap dog kennel, you will need to check with your city to find out what building codes need to be followed.  There are certain regulations that need to be followed anytime you start building a project outdoors, so be sure that you are up to date on what those regulations are.

Now you will need to measure the area for your cheap dog kennel.  Make sure that you make the dimensions large enough so that your dog will have enough room to move about comfortably.  The size of your kennel will be dependent on the size of your backyard, as larger yards can serve a larger kennel.  When you have measured the area, clean it up and remove any hazardous materials or debris that may be around.

Next, go to the local hardware store to buy your materials for your cheap dog kennel.  Purchase sturdy fencing material, posts and a latch.  Keep in mind that while you may be trying to keep your cheap dog kennel as inexpensive as possible, the fence material should be strong and weather resistant.  Spending a little more on better fencing will save you money in the long run.

To build a cheap dog kennel, you need to start by putting your posts into the ground.  Dig your holes 2 feet in depth and insert your posts at least 4 feet apart from each other.  This will make your cheap dog kennel 4 feet high, which is ideal for most size dogs.  However, if you have a larger dog, you will want to make your cheap dog kennel higher.

Once your posts are inserted into the ground, fill the hole back up with dirt.  This will help to secure the posts, so pack the dirt tightly.  Next, you will attach the fencing material to the posts using u-shaped nails.  To secure the fencing tightly, use at least 3 nails per post.  When completed, attach the metal gate’s hinges to the open post using screws.  Ensure that the gate can open and close easily and that the latch on the gate works properly.

Now that your cheap dog kennel is built, you can complete it by adding some essential items for your pet.  Make sure your dog has food and water bowls, and add a few toys to keep your dog entertained.  Lastly, put a sign on your dog’s kennel to let trespassers or intruders know that you have a dog.


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