How To Build an Inexpensive Cat Condo

There are some easy and efficient ways to build a cat condo. If you follow these steps you will be able to build a cat condo for just a few dollars in supplies. You will need to go to your local repair store or the local home improvement store to purchase the supplies. Once you get home you will want to have all your supplies laid out before beginning to make sure that you have all your supplies. Once you have double checked everything you will want to move onto step one.

Supplies needed are:

  • 3 Pieces of 1/2 inch plywood measured out to be 12 inches in diameter.
  • A Jig Saw to cut the wood.
  • 5 pieces of 2x4x2 feet in length.
  • screws
  • staple gun
  • carpeting.
  • 3 small 3 inch blocks for the support of the middle section.

Step 1: Cut the plywood into circles with a diameter of one foot. This will be the base and such for your cat condo. You will need to have three of these cut. One will be the top and one is the bottom and the middle will go into place in the middle to allow for the cat to have a middle section. Once you have these cut out you will need to cut a area out that will measure 4 inches with a depth of 2 inches. You will need to have three of these cut out, One on both sides of the circle and one in the back.

Step 2: You will need to screw the 2x4x2 into the bottom and the top circles. Once you have spread them evenly around the circles. This will be the area that the cardboard will later be attached to. This will be the frame of your cat condo.

Step 3: Screw the small 4 inch wood blocks onto the boards halfway between the top and bottom circles. Once you have done this you will need to place the remaining circle in. However before you place it in there you will need to cut a portion of the circle out. You will need to draw the 3 sides of a square from one of the sides. Cut the square out of about 5 inches out which will allow your car enough room to get up onto the second level without having to actually go out and then back in after jumping up onto the second level. Once you have done that then screw it into the wooden blocks that you put in place.

Step 4: To continue working on your cat condo you will need to have a large enough and sturdy enough piece of cardboard that will go all the way around the cat condo. Once you have your cardboard you are going to need to measure the exact height of the cat condo so far and then cut this piece of cardboard to that size. Once you have done this you will need to cut two circles out that will allow the cat to enter in and out on both levels. You should cut these circles to about 6 inches in diameter. You will then need to attach the cardboard to the cat condo frame.

Step 5: Once you have attached the cardboard you are then ready to add the carpeting to your cat condo. You can call the local carpet store and explain to them that you are building a cat condo and need some extra scraps and they will probably either give them to you free of charge or for a few dollars. Attach the carpeting except for the area of the holes. You will need to cut a small portion of the carpet to allow the remainder to be stapled from the inside to allow the added support of the cat jumping in and out. Overlap on the inside and then staple and continue on. Cover the whole condo with carpeting and when you are done with the carpeting you have just completed your cat condo once you add a small amount of carpeting to the middle bench inside and staple it down.

You have then just created a cat condo for just a few dollars. Add a toy if you want or sprinkle with catnip for your cat to enjoy.


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