How To Build Cat Trees

Cat trees or scratching posts are projects that you can work on easily. It is a project where you can use the materials you can find at your home. The good thing about building your own cat tree is that you can choose the design and materials that you will use. You do not have to buy everything, and if you do, the materials do not have to be expensive. As long as the tree you build will serve its purpose, you will be free from the hassle of always looking out for your furniture.
Here are the steps that you should follow to build cat trees:

  • Check cat tree designs online. To build a cat tree, you need to know what it looks like. For this, you may surf the Internet for cat tree designs posted in many websites. If you are Internet savvy, you might even find easy to follow instructions on how to build the cat tree. Make sure to look at several websites before you decide on a design. A good way to come up with a design while browsing the Internet, is sketching a design that caught your attention while you were browsing. An alternative to this is looking at magazines devoted to pets and pet owners. You might encounter articles featuring do it yourself cat trees.
  • Look around your house. Now that you have an idea what a cat tree looks like, you can decide on the materials that you will use. Look around your house in order to find wood, nails and any material that you can use to build the cat tree. Test the materials to make sure they will not break easily. After going through your house, check for materials that you still lack. Make a list of these materials, and then go to your local hardware store to find them.
  • Make the cat tree. After gathering all the materials that you need, proceed to the building of the cat tree. Test the strength of the materials again to make sure you can use them for the tree. Always check if you were able to build the cat tree securely. A good idea is to pull the parts apart, to see if they will come off. After building the cat tree, take your time in polishing it. This will ensure that the tree will have a smooth surface that will not hurt or cause injury to your children if they ever play with it.
  • Make last minute inspections. After you build your cat tree, take your time to inspect it, to make sure that it is secure. Carefully go over the edges of the tree to make sure there is no protruding edges or nails that might be harmful to your family if they accidentally bump or fall over it. Do the final additions. Place your cat tree in a place where your cat can easily see it.

Building your own cat tree will give you a sense of accomplishment, knowing that you were able to make something that will not only save your furniture from cat scratches, but also let your cat indulge his scratching habits. It you follow these steps carefully you can make sure that the cat tree will last long, despite the fact that you used cheap materials to build it.


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