How To Build Nesting Boxes for Chickens

Building chicken nests can increase the egg production in a backyard setting. These chicken nests are easy to make and only take a little material and equipment. A tape measure, a drill and a saw are all the equipment that will be needed.

Step 1

Step one is to gather the building material needed. These materials are:

  • A:  (3) 1″ x 12″ (11 1/8″) pine boards 47″ long
  • B:  (2) 1/2″ plywood 11 1/8″ x 30″ long
  • C:  (4) 1″ x 2″ pine boards 21″ long
  • D:  (2) 1″ x 4″ pine boards 48″ long
  • E:  (2) 1″ x 2″ pine boards 48″ long
  • F:  (4) 1/4″ plywood 11 1/8″ x 14 1/8″ (nest divider)
  • G:  (4) angle brackets 4″
  • H:  (~28) wood screws #8 x 2″
  • I:   (~16) wood screws #6 x 1 1/4″ 30″ long

1/12″ lumber can be used in place of 1/2″plywood. But, if lumber is used, the nest boxes will be heavier and more expensive than plywood. Pegboard can also be used for nest dividers instead of 1/4″ plywood.

Step 2

Step two is to pre-cut all the pieces of lumber except nest box dividers. These will be cut later as they will need to be measured.

Step 3

Step three requires 2 -B’s, 2 -A’s and several H’s. Using H, the #8 wood screws, form a box by connecting each B to one A to form the top then connect the B’s to the other A to form the bottom. The box is now created.

Step 4

Step four requires inserting the remaining A into the box. Locate the middle of the box, down the side on each B. Connect this board to the box using more #8 wood screws (H).

Step 5

Now the nest dividers can be inserted. For this step, grab the 4 21″ 1 x 2’s (C) and the #6 (I) wood screws. On the front of the box measure the middle 1″ x 12″ (B) 12″ from each side and mark on the underside of board (B). Connect 2 of the 1 x 2’s (C) along these marks, making them flush with the back of the shelf and protruding out the front. Repeat this on the bottom board (A). Next the front lip (D) is screwed on both shelves on the front of the box using #8 wood screws. Place the 4′ 1″x2″ boards (E) to the 4 protruding boards (C) and screw with #6 wood screws from the bottom.

Step 6

Attach two angle brackets (G) to the box. Two brackets are to be placed on the top and two on the bottom. These are used to attach the nest box structure to the wall.

Step 7

Measure the middle shelf and find the measurement to add 2 dividers (F). Repeat on the bottom shelf.

Step 8

Attach finished nest box to wall in chicken coop using angle brackets. Add pine shavings, hay or other bedding to the nests.


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