How To Buy a Jingle Ball for a Cat

You may not notice it but cats are active pets. You may always see them napping or just perched on a window sill watching time go by, but the truth is, if a cat is listless, it is not healthy. Cats need to be constantly stimulated with activities, especially if you are living in a small apartment or condominium. Cats are pretty independent animals and they can play by themselves, but you have to provide them with some support in that department or they would make your sofa their playground. Jingle balls are common play toys for a cat. Kittens, especially, are more inclined to be drawn to this toy, but generally the whole cat population loves it. There are some things you need to remember in buying one for your cat. Don’t just buy the first one you see, you have to give your cat’s health and safety some consideration. Here’s how:

  1. Get the right size for your cat. If your cat were still a kitten, it would be overwhelmed to see a jingle ball bigger than him! The trick is to get a ball that is directly proportionate to him. If he’s quite small, get a ball that is a little smaller than him. If he’s as big as Garfield, get a bigger ball.
  2. Educate yourself with the materials used in making a jingle ball. There are plastic balls, wicker balls and wool balls. The safest jingle ball to get is the one made from natural materials. Get the balls with no dyes used. Dyes can be toxic for your cat. Your cat may chew on the ball at some point. There are some plastic balls made of hard plastic. Manufacturers claim it is non-toxic, but if the ball breaks, the hard plastic is particularly hazardous. It may splint your cat or hurt him in other parts of his body. Jingle balls made from natural colored Romney wool from sheep would be the best one you should get.
  3. Jingle balls are cheap so your budget will not be compromised. The key point to remember is not to necessarily buy the cheapest but the one that is organic.
  4. Shop or research online for the jingle balls of your choice. You can also visit pet supply stores or even veterinary clinics that carry pet toys. It would be best if you can examine the balls personally.
  5. Always check for breakage. Plastic ones are easily cracked. Check that the bells inside the ball are functioning properly. Shake it to hear it.

Jingle balls are a fun activity for your cat. You can be assured that your cat will never be bored around the apartment or house. If you want to keep it from getting lost, tie a piece of yard in it and the other end to a scratching post of anywhere that you can fasten the ball.  Be sure to use a long yarn. Your cat should be able to play with the ball freely and happily.


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