How To Buy an Effective Flea and Tick Treatment Kit

Keeping your pets clear of fleas and ticks can be a problem. Moreover, purchasing the best treatment that will be safe for the pet and your family is a dilemma as well. The most logical option is using what your veterinarian suggests. However the brands sold by the veterinarian are commonly not available in supermarkets, and if the veterinarian’s office is far from your home, you have no other recourse but to buy from a nearby supermarket. If this is the case, here are some things to consider in buying an effective flea and tick treatment kit:

  1. Get your veterinarian’s advice and approval before you buy your chosen flea and tick treatment kit.
  2. Check how long each treatment will last. This is very important, as you want your pet to be always flea and tick free. However, do away from giving the treatment continuously, as these treatments often require in between breaks. Again, discuss this with your veterinarian to safeguard the well being of your pet.
  3. Make sure that the treatment solution is non soluble in water. If your dog loves water, it might be poisoned while swimming as the pool might get contaminated once the chemical gets dissolved in the water.
  4. The treatment solution must be child friendly. Children love to cuddle their pets and so they are at risk of inhaling the toxins if the solution contains harmful components.
  5. If your pet is pregnant or lactating, read the label of the treatment kit to make sure the product you are buying is safe to use for pets under such condition.
  6. Consider using the oral treatment method. With this method, you will feed your pet with a tablet that prevents the development of flea larvae and eggs. This is much preferred by many pet owners because there are no chemical sprays necessary, thus preventing pesticide residues from getting scattered around the house. However, if you opt for this type of treatment, you should keep your pet indoors so it will not pick up adult fleas that thrive outdoors. 
  7. For your convenience, you may purchase your pet’s flea and tick treatment kit online. Double check the names of the products in the list to make sure you are buying the right item. Buying online does not require a prescription hence you can just take your pick from the available products. However, avoid buying unknown products to ensure the safety of your pets.
  8. Consult neighbors who also own pets. Discuss with them about their experience in giving flea and tick treatment for their pets. Observe too, how their pets take to the treatment given to them so you will know if it really works well. Based on the positive feedback from your neighbors regarding their own treatment kits, you might want to try the same medication. 
  9. Whatever product brands you are buying, always read the labels. Check also if the kit has the complete paraphernalia needed in administering the treatment. 

Always remember to keep your flea and tick treatment kits out from children’s reach as these stuffs may contain chemicals that are detrimental to human beings.  Take note too, that when giving the treatment to your pets, you should clean your home thoroughly to get rid of breeding places of fleas and other pests.


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