How To Buy Cow Bells

Traditionally, cow bells are used to keep track of cows and other farm animals. Now that farming technology has advanced and grown more sophisticated, ranchers and farmers no longer have to rely on cow bells to prevent the loss of their cows. Yet despite this, cow bells remain relevant. Here’s a guide to buying cow bells.

1.    Determine the size, style, and color of the cow bell you want.  This will largely depend on how you will use your cow bell. Will you be using it as an ornament, or will be using it in your craft project. Here are some ideas for using cow bells as well as suggestions on what type of cowbell to choose.

  • Wind chimes. String varying sizes of small cowbells together to create a unique wind chime. If you have a modern home, choose silver cowbells. If you are going for a more rustic theme, go for copper-colored ones.
  • Corporate Gift. Instead of giving paper weights, key chains, or pens to your clients, why not give a shiny gold-plated cowbell engraved with your client’s initials. Remember that the cow bell should be stylish enough to be placed in an office desk.
  • Noise makers. If there is a gun ban in your state, a cow bell can take the place of a gun fire during the start of any race or event. Or you can also use a cow bell as a dinner bell or a school bell.  If you are using a cow bell for any of these purposes, choose a cast iron cowbell with a sharp sound.
  • Craft material. There are plenty of craft projects that use small cowbells. They can be used to make Christmas ornaments, napkin holders, and center pieces. In such cases, do not use cast iron cow bells; they are heavy. Use cow bells made form sheet metal.

2.    Check out the sound made by the cow bell. Not all cow bells are created equal. Some have dull sounds, while some have a sharp tonal sound. If you are using it for a craft project, you should opt for a cow bell with a dull sound. If you are using it as a noise maker or a wind chime, go for cow bells that produce a sharp tonal sound.

3.    Find out where you can buy a cow bell. Once you know what kind of cow bell you want, head out to your local Tractor Supply store. If you are living in a farming community, you might even find a cow bell in the local hardware or the gardening supplies store. For craft projects, it would do you well to visit Amazon or eBay and look for sellers of cow bells.  You can also visit the site of Bell Outlet, and MOEN Bells

Cow bells have many uses. Choosing and buying a cow bell that fits your requirements can be as fun as making a craft project out of one.


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