How To Care for a Boxer

What a boisterous breed! Boxers are fun and beautiful, but they are very stubborn.  You must prove to be more strong-willed than the Boxer to properly raise and care for this breed. It is sometimes very difficult and trying, but once trained they make awesome family companions. Boxer’s are best trained by an experienced trainer. Though it is not generally recommended for a first time dog owner, the Boxer is an excellent family pet and is loyal to a fault. They can be protective when necessary. They are a very high energy animal so be prepared to exercise him well, and often.

When your Boxer is a small puppy, expose him to as many different sights, sounds, and people as possible. Walk him along city streets, dog parks, shopping malls, children, and all types of different animals. A well socialized Boxer is a well-adjusted companion. Almost any breed that is not properly socialized can become shy and fearful of new things. When properly socialized the dog is curious but not fearful of the new things he finds.

To train your Boxer puppy you will need to be very patient and firm. Dogs learn by repetition, and you must keep him interested at the same time. All training sessions should be short to accommodate the Boxer’s short attention span. You can have several sessions per day, but keep each one short. Keep the training interesting by changing up the tiny treats often, and by using exuberant praise for positive behavior.

Pay special attention to your Boxer’s diet. They are high energy, so they need a high protein food. Vitamins and supplements are recommended at least for the first 12 to 18 months. Mixing people food with your dog food may make you feel better about his food, but it doesn’t help him. Dogs don’t have as many taste buds as humans and they eat for nourishment, not pleasure. People food can make your Boxer over-weight and cause undue stress on his body. Follow your veterinarian’s advice regarding food and supplements for the best health choices for your dog.

As your Boxer grows, your great care and training efforts will begin to show in the animal’s health and personality. Your dedication to training and socialization will ensure that you have a happy, healthy, well adjusted companion for life.


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