How To Care for a Needy Indoor Cat

Along with having a pet cat is being responsible for your cat. But what if you have a needy cat, one that wants your full attention and all your time? It may be sweet to own a needy cat in the first few days, but in the long run, you can become annoyed.

You can’t always play with your cat or have your attention directed to it all the time. You also have a lot of other things to do. Fortunately, you are not alone in this struggle because a lot of cat owners experience that, too. Here are some of the things they did to take care and deal with their needy indoor cats:

  • Another cat. Your needy cat only wants someone to play with. A perfect playmate for your cat, is of course, another cat! With a cat playmate, your needy cat won’t have to seek attention from you because it will be so busy playing with another cat. The only problem with this is the mess. Cats busy playing all day will surely leave a lot of mess to fix, unless you have a wide garden where your cats can play.
  • Cat sitter. If you’re too busy to take care of a needy cat, then hire someone to take care and play with your cat. This can be costly, but what’s extra expense if it will save your sanity? Most cat sitters charge per the hour. It’s wise to shop around for at least three cat sitters before hiring one.
  • Cat toys. Encourage your cat to play all alone by itself with its lots of toys. Buy some balls or anything that interests your cat. The toys are enough to keep your needy cat busy.
  • Talk. If you are on the computer and your cat meows, start talking to the cat. Hearing your voice is already enough so your needy cat will feel that you’re with it. This is surely worth a try, anyway.
  • Pet psychologist. None of these tips work for your needy cat? Perhaps your cat’s neediness is already a psychological problem. Bring your cat to a pet psychologist before things get worse. This professional will diagnose your pet and recommend what better ways you can do to address and take care of your needy cat.
  • Give time. Spend some time playing with your cat everyday, say 30 minutes every morning and 30 minutes before bedtime. Some cats, however, want to play longer. If that’s the case, you should train your cat that when playtime is over, it’s really over. It may take time but it sure worth a try.

Needy indoor cats are sometimes annoying. But like most owners, you can’t help but to feel sad seeing your cat meowing helplessly as if it needs even a little portion of your love. Neediness is a different story, anyway. And you need to deal with it and follow these special tips to take care of your needy cat. Who knows, maybe your cat won’t be so needy after some months of training.


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