How To Choose a Goat

Baby goat fed using a bottle

Before you start choosing a goat, decide first why you want a goat. Do you want it as a companion, for its milk, for its fiber, or for its meat? The tips on choosing the best goat will depend on your purpose of getting a goat.

Goat as a companion

Gone were the days when goats were only for the farms and providing milk. Today, you can already have a goat as a pet. This farm animals are intelligent breeds, especially those that were bred for companionship.

First thing in choosing is getting a goat that is neutered. Non-neutered goats, especially the male ones, can become very aggressive and uncontrollable. It is better that you get a neutered goat for its temperament that is ideal for companionship.

You may want to consider a mini version of the goat, too. It will be hard to take care of a goat as a companion if it’s full-sized. There are now goats produced out of crossing the large goats and pygmy goats. Pet stores are now offering mini versions of famous goat breeds like La Mancha and Nubians.

Goat for Milk

Goat milk is a good substitute for the usual cow’s milk because of its lower lactose. People suffering from lactose intolerance can surely benefit from goat’s milk.

When choosing a goat for its milk, you can decide depending on the breed or its appearance. Nubian goats are among the best milk-producers. They can give you a lot of milk. Nigerian goats are a good choice, too, especially because this breed is produced solely for milking. Aline goats can be great milk producers as well, though they can be aggressive sometimes.

Instead of stereotyping the goat’s breed, you can also choose a milking goat depending on its appearance. The best goat-producing milk has a beautiful bone structure. See the udder also. Well-attached udder without any scarring or bumps is a good sign that the goat is a great milk producer.

Goats for Fiber

Enjoy wool, cashmere, and mohair from goats—that is, if you’ve chosen the right breed.

Angora goats are usually the choice if you’ll get a goat for its fiber. They can give silky and beautiful wool. This can be very expensive and stylish. Be ready to give this goat a good care, though, because it is more delicate than other goats.

Goat for Meat

South African Boer is the best goat breed if you want goat’s meat. This breed is said to be the meat-yielding goat because it can grow faster. It has better immunity against goat diseases as well.

You can choose other breeds, like Myotonic, Spanish, West African Dwarf, Kiko, and Brush. Don’t just get any of these breeds, however. You should get a goat that is heavy-looking and wide. Its back should also be thick and flat while its body should be blocky and square.

See? Goats sure have many uses—from their milk to their meat. The important thing now is to decide what you want to do with the goat. It can be your companion, your milk-provider, meat-provider, or wool-provider. Whatever your reason of getting a goat, make sure that the goat you’ll get is generally healthy. A healthy goat can always be good for everything.


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