How To Deal with a Cat’s Runny Eyes

As a lover of cats, you may sometimes notice that your feline pet may have runny eyes. You may be surprised to see that your cat will have wet eyes, as if he has been crying. Don’t be distressed, do a quick inspection and narrow down the causes. Here’s how to deal with a cat’s runny eyes.

  1. Check your cat’s eye and see if there has been any sign of injury. Perhaps your cat was in a fight with another animal while you were out. Check the fur around the face for any scratch marks.
  2. Observe your cat’s demeanor. Aside from the runny eyes, what other symptoms does he exhibit? If he seems lethargic, has no appetite and his poop seems watery, bring him to the vet. He may have an infection.
  3. Inspect the color of the tears. If it is clear and runny, don’t distress. However, if you notice a green discharge from your cat’s eye, this could be a sign of infection. If this is the case, bring your cat to the vet immediately.
  4. If you want to treat your cat’s eye problem yourself, use an eye drop made of saline solution that your vet can prescribe. Use it twice a day or as directed by your vet.
  5. If it is an infection, depending on the type, the vet will prescribe an antibiotic such as Tetracycline. However, it cannot be used for kittens so another anti biotic eye drop may be prescribed depending on your cat’s age.
  6. For a natural and inexpensive treatment, make some black tea and use it as a compress on your cat’s eye. Black tea is an effective treatment in controlling the irritation and symptoms of conjunctivitis. If you don’t have black tea, use green tea. Place a tea bag in a pot and put some ice cubes in it after it has steeped in the water. Apply the tea onto the eye.
  7. If you can find it, Euphrasia tea or goldenseal is also an effective treatment. As an eye drop solution, it is commercially sold as “Eyebright”. Place two drops in the infected eye and your cat should find relief.
  8. If you have other cats and other pets in the home, keep your cat isolated during the treatment period. Some infections are contagious. Prevent an epidemic from starting in your home by keeping your cat away from your other pets.

Watery eyes in cats can be caused by a number of things. You cat may be having an allergic reaction to something in the home or in the outside environment. It may be a birth defect that causes his tear ducts to malfunction. It may be caused by conjuctiva, a condition wherein the bacteria Chlamydia Psittaci infects the white area of your cat’s eye. It’s best to bring your cat to a vet, even when his symptoms improve from your home remedies. You need to rule out any other causes of infection that may later result in blindness in your cat.


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