How To Exercise an Indoor Cat

To keep your cat happy, you should make sure it stays healthy as well. And what makes a cat healthy? Right food, lots of sleep, and exercise, of course! Yes, even cats need exercise, and if your cat is something like Garfield, he may need to have it pronto. Here are some of the guidelines to remember if you want to exercise an indoor cat:

  • Be prepared to do a lot of effort initially. At first, most of the exercise might be on your side. This is specially if your cat isn’t used to the concept of exercise yet. The best bet is to initiate exercise in the form of play. At first, your cat may simply look at you as you toss a ball around and encourage her to join you, but once you gain her interest, your cat may start to participate more readily in your games/ exercise.
  • Use a laser beam pointer. Point a laser beam pointer to point around the vicinity of your cat. Cats love these red beams and will end up chasing it. Do make sure that you point it where your cat can see it, and where your cat can realistically follow it. And above all, never, ever point the beam directly at your cat’s eyes.
  • Use a string. A string is a very inexpensive way to get your cat moving. Get a piece of string, and shake it on the floor near where your cat is. Let your cat successfully grab it, and then spin it around and move it a little bit again. You could also lift up the string and encourage your cat to stand up on her hind legs and grab the string. Depending on your cat’s attention span, you could keep up this game for about a few fun minutes.
  • Use aluminum balls. If you have shiny aluminum, you could roll it up into a ball and throw it gently for your cat to catch. The aluminum’s shiny surface makes it very attractive to the cat. Do watch out because your cat might want to nibble on it a little bit.
  • Let the cat find her food. You can encourage your cat to hunt for her food bowl instead of just laying it out in the open. This way, she would be forced to walk around the house whenever she is hungry. Do this only if your cat eats dry food, though.
  • Buy climbing frames. You could purchase climbing frames available from pet stores, and install it near your cat’s sleeping quarters. Cats love to climb and will love the additional vista that climbing frames can offer.
  • Put away the toys when you are done playing. It’s important that your cat not see the toys whenever she is not playing with it, otherwise it may become less interesting for her. This is also a safety precaution for humans and pets alike, so that nobody will have the chance of accidentally tripping over these toys.

Encouraging your cat to exercise need not be a hardship; all it takes is
consistently allotting time for play and you will be able to form a
habit that your cat will actually look forward to everyday. Using the
right materials is important too, although remember that you need not
invest in expensive toys. Exercising your cat won’t just result in a
healthier and happier cat, but a deeper bond between you and your pet,
as well.


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