How To Find and Buy Bird Cage Covers

If you have a pet bird, a cage is not the only thing you need. Birds need more than that to keep them clean and healthy. Items such as cage covers, cage liners, cage aprons and bird seed guards are necessary to keep your bird happy and in good health. A number of sources of bird cage covers are worth recommending. These sources will provide high-quality bird cage covers, which will keep your bird feeling secure and calm whether you keep the cage indoors or occasionally take your birdcage outside to give your pet fresh air.

  1. Specialty Shops. Specialty shops for birds are great sources of bird cages and bird cage covers.  These shops give assurance to clients that their cages and covers will arrive in perfect condition. These shops also offer free shipping to clients anywhere in the USA. Their prices are very affordable and yet their cages and covers are of highest quality. Specialty shops can be found in almost all countries, and most major US cities.
  2. Online Shops. Online shops are easy to find. All you need to do is browse the internet and search for the item you would like to buy. You will be surprised to find that there are lots of online specialty shops which can also be found offline. These shops deal with clients both on and off the web. The only difference is that when you order online, you cannot see the actual item before its delivery.  However, most online shops have very reasonable return policies and you shouldn’t have a problem exchanging an item if it turns out to not be what you expected.

Choosing the right bird cage covers can be difficult if you buy the cover after you have already purchased your bird’s cage. But it doesn’t have to be an added burden. There is a solution for that.

  1. Determine the width across the front of the cage and the depth of your cage. Depth is measured from the front to the back.
  2. Determine which type of cage top you have for your existing cage. There are two types of bird cage: Play-top or Dome-top. For play-top cages the code are listed as “PT” and for dome-top cages the code are listed as “DT”.
  3. Find the model of cover that you think best fits the measurements and style of your cage. If your cage falls into an in-between size, the cage cover should be larger in size to einsure it fits over your cage.
  4. If you know the model of your cage and the brand, you can inform the seller; it is likely he will know exactly which covers will fit your cage.

When you maintain a pet bird, you need more than just a pen or a cage to keep your pet’s dwelling clean and healthy. Your bird must be happy and in good physical shape. Your cage cover is essential to keep your pet contented and satisfied. Of course it’s nice if it goes with the cage so its beauty can also enhance your room!

Make it a habit that when you replace your cage, you always order the cover at the same time. As mentioned, cages vary in styles and models. Cage covers, therefore, must fit any style and model that you may choose. Your purchase should not be a waste of money nor outlive your pet. It should last for the lifetime of your bird.


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