How To Identify and Treat Feline Anemia

When an infected flea bites the skin of your cat, parasitic organisms will thrive in his body. These parasitic organisms will use your cat’s body as a host that will protect them from harsh temperature and moist in the atmosphere. When this happens, the immune system of your cat will attack his infected red blood cells. While this process will serve beneficial to your cat, it may also cause some harm, especially if a huge amount of red blood cells in your cat’s body were infected.

Here are the steps that you should follow to identify and treat feline anemia:

  • Observe your cat. A good pet owner knows that he always has to pay attention to his pets, especially if his pets suddenly displayed weird behavior. If your cat suddenly started to acquire the habit of eating unusual things, then you might want to check his gums if they are pale. Another symptom that you should look out for is shock, characterized by the fast heartbeat of your cat. When your cat suddenly acts confused, there is a danger that he has acquired feline anemia. Other signs are loss of appetite, tired or sickly appearance and poor grooming habits. If you notice these symptoms, do not attempt to give your cats some medication. What you should do instead is to note down your observations, so that you will have a list of symptoms, readily available for your vet’s perusal.
  • Consult your vet. Go to your veterinarian and ask him to check on your cat. Give him your notes in order to aid him as he tries to diagnose if your cat has anemia or none. He will perform a blood examination on your cat. For this, he will need a sample of your cat’s blood. When your cat feels uncomfortable about this process, attempt to settle him down by stroking and petting him.
  • Consider the possibility of a blood transfusion. If your vet finds out that the condition of your cat is severe, he will suggest a blood transfusion. Although this process may be extremely costly, support his decision. Your vet wants to save your pet – this means he will not suggest this procedure if it is not necessary.
  • Administer treatment on your pet. Your vet will give you a prescription for your pet’s illness. Make sure to buy the medicine at once. Delaying this task will worsen the condition of your pet. If your vet suggests other measures, note them down and follow them to the letter to ensure the fast recovery of your pet.
  • Free your feline from fleas. When your cat has fully recovered, take him to your vet and ask him to treat your cat so that he will be free from fleas. This measure will prevent feline anemia from recurring. His anemia came from infected fleas. If you do not remove them from your cat’s body, they will keep on making your cat sick.

Cat anemia is as harmful to a cat’s health as it is for humans. If you do not act fast, you may lose your cat to this disease. Follow these steps, and you will feel secure that your cat will enjoy an anemia-free life.


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