How To Know When Your Puppy Has to Pee

Housebreaking is often one of the most difficult parts of raising a puppy. Puppies don’t understand why they should go outside rather than peeing on your floor, your expensive rugs, or your leather furniture. To stop these accidents, you’ll have to recognize the signs that your puppy has to pee, and get him away from your belongings in time. Here’s how to know when your puppy has to pee:

  1. Watch your puppy for common clues. If your puppy is circling, whimpering, walking backwards, or sniffing around your floors and furniture, your puppy probably has to pee. A puppy who has already learned that he should go outside may scratch at the door to be let outside, though you should not expect this in young puppies or those that haven’t been house-trained. You’ll need to pay very close attention to these signs, or you may realize what your puppy is doing when it’s already too late to stop her.
  2. Pay attention to each puppy’s signs. In addition to these common behaviors, every puppy develops her own way of letting you know that she has to pee. It is up to you to recognize these signs and get your puppy outside. While housebreaking a puppy, it is important to be aware of your puppy’s behavior throughout the day so that you can pick up on these behavioral clues.
  3. Take your puppy outside in the morning. Most puppies need to pee after sleeping for a while. Take your puppy outside first thing in the morning, and also following every nap. By taking her outside before you see signs that your puppy has to pee, you can reduce the number of indoor accidents.
  4. Take your puppy outside after meals. Most puppies also need to pee about fifteen to twenty minutes after each meal. Letting your puppy go outside frequently, including after playtime and before bedtime, is a good way to ensure that she won’t be peeing on your furniture. However, it won’t allow you to develop a keen sense of the signals your puppy displays when she has to pee.

House-training a puppy can be quite frustrating. There is no definitive way to know when your puppy has to pee, and you can bet that there will be accidents. You can place puppy training pads around the house to reduce the incidence of accidents on your furniture, but part of owning a puppy is accepting that it will happen. You can also learn the signs that your puppy exhibits when she has to pee, which gives you time to get your puppy outdoors. Taking your puppy outside proactively is also a good way to reduce accidents.


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