How To Make a Cage for Two Parakeets

Parakeet cages can be expensive when you purchase them from the pet store. If you’re looking for a cheaper option to house your pair of parakeets, consider constructing a cage yourself. This cage can be constructed in the size and style you desire. Start with an inexpensive piece of furniture and some materials available at any hardware store.

Here’s how to make a cage for two parakeets:

Materials and supplies:

  • Metal stand-alone storage shelf (see step 1)
  • Measuring tape or yardstick
  • Paper and pencil
  • Four sheets of Plexiglas
  • Liquid Nails, Epoxy, or other strong glue
  • Screen cover for reptile cages (from pet store) or wire mesh to make your own
  • Cage liner, bowls, perches, water bottle, and other parakeet supplies
  1. Find the right kind of shelf. To make a cage for two parakeets, you’ll need a sturdy metal storage shelf that is open on all four sides, and is also taller than the height you need for the cage. In constructing the cage, you’ll be enclosing the shelf area with Plexiglas, and then adding a top or lid on the cage. Essentially, the shelf acts as a frame for the parakeet cage. If you can’t find an appropriate shelving unit, you can construct your own using lumber from the hardware store. Before trying to make a cage for two parakeets, do your research to be sure that the cage dimensions you have in mind will be large enough.
  2. Measure for the Plexiglas. Measure the sides of your chosen shelf. Write down the height and width of the shelf. These are the measurements of the Plexiglas sheets you need to purchase.
  3. Purchase the Plexiglas sheets. Use the shelf measurements, but subtract about half an inch from each of the width measurements, which will allow for ventilation in the parakeet cage. Now, purchase four Plexiglas sheets in the sizes you need. Some hardware stores will cut the sheets to your measurements; others will sell you a small tool which allows you to cut the Plexiglas yourself. Have the edges of each sheet smoothed, if possible.
  4. Glue the Plexiglas to the shelves. Now, glue the Plexiglas onto the exterior of the sides, front, and back of the shelving unit. Position them so that they are resting on the bottom of the shelf, but there is some room over the top, at least 8-10 inches, to allow the lid to be opened. Center each of the sheets on the shelf so that there are ventilation gaps at the corners, allowing for ventilation on each side of the cage.
  5. Add a lid. Purchase a screen cover from your local pet shop, or make your own using wire mesh and a wooden frame. This should fit onto the top of your cage. Secure the screen using the clips provided, or use hinges from the hardware store.
  6. Set up the cage. Install the water bottle, and add the cage liner, food bowl, perches, and other cage accessories, just like you would set up a store-bought cage.

This parakeet cage has a modern style that will fit in well with a wide array of décor styles, many of which are not represented in commercially available parakeet cages, which are traditionally made out of wood.


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