How To Make a Homemade Cat Bed

Cats are creatures of comfort that like to sleep as much as they can. Although they can sleep comfortably in the floor, they love being indulged with their very own soft beds. However, most cat beds sold in pet stores today cost a bit expensive so why not you’re your money and make one yourself?

Follow the steps and learn how to make a homemade bed for your cat.

  • Prepare the materials needed. The materials you will need are the following: a cardboard box, old pillows or beddings, fabric or cloth, contact paper, a pair of scissors, a thick needle and embroidery thread.
  • Choose a cardboard box. To make your homemade cat bed, start by choosing a cardboard box that is big and sturdy enough to hold your cat and give it plenty of room to stretch out. While cats have different preferences when it comes to their sleeping habits, size and comfort are two important factors they all agree on so make sure that you give your kitty a bed that offers just that.
  • Protect the box. Cover the whole box with contact paper to protect it from dirt and stain. The good thing about contact papers is that they have adhesive backings that make them easy to stick on. Some contact papers also come in decorative patterns so you can use them instead to give your cat bed an artistic finish.
  • Make a cushion. Get an old pillow that will serve as cushion for your kitty’s bed. You can also try using old beddings such as quilted comforters or blankets. Make a pillow case out of the piece of fabric or cloth by sewing its ends together with a thick needle and some embroidery thread. You can use any type of fabric that you like but for durability, you might want to consider using allergy-free or fur-resistant fabrics such as ultra suede or crypton. You can also consider adding a zipper to your pillow case for easy washing in the future. Remember that cats prefer sleeping in a clean bed. To keep your cat interested in its bed, you need to make sure that it is constantly spotless or else it will look for another spot to sleep on.
  • Place the cushion inside the box. Since it may be difficult to encourage your cat to sleep in the new bed, you can try putting a catnip toy inside to entice it to sleep there.

And there you have it! Once you have your cat bed ready for use, find a
good location for it. Start by finding out your cat’s favorite spot. If
your cat likes sleeping in your room, then put it beside your bed. If it
spends its afternoon napping in the kitchen, then try putting the box
in there. The bottom line is, your cat wants to sleep somewhere that
makes it feel safe and sound and as its loving master, it is your job to
make sure that it feels such.


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