How To Make a Kitten Scratching Post

Cats are natural hunters. They tend to scratch to leave markings that the area is theirs. Through scratching they provide boundaries by leaving the area with their scent for other would be predators to know their presence. They also scratch as a form of exercise. Scratching causes their muscles to be stretched for optimal conditioning. They also scratch to give themselves pleasure. If your kitten begins to scratch your sofa, or curtains or other furniture, it’s about time to create a scratching post.

  • Assemble the base and post. Buy a sheet of 1 in thick, 1 x 1 foot of any type of wood. It doesn’t matter what type of wood you are going to use. Purchase the cheapest plywood material you find later you will cover it anyway. Also purchase a 3 in diameter wooden dowel for the post. You can also use a larger diameter dowel for your post. You can also substitute a 4 x 4 in wood. 3 ft is a good length to use. Mark the center of the wooden dowel and base. Place the dowel on top of the center of the base and mark a circle. Drill a small hole on the base so it goes through and through. Drill a ½ in hole on the center of the dowel. Align the holes and screw them together using a 3-4 in screw. Make sure the holes are smaller than the threads of the screw. You can also attach the post to the base using by nailing them together.
  • Cover your base. Cover the base of the scratching post with a used carpet. You can measure the carpet to use by placing the base on top of the carpet and adding an additional inch and a half to cover the sides of the base. Find the center of the carpet and align with the center of the post or dowel you used. Cut out that middle portion. Place adhesive on the base and cover with the carpet. Use C-clamps to set in place. Cut the corners of the carpet and attach to the sides of the base using the same adhesive.
  • Cover the post. Use a manila or hemp rope to cover the post. Place adhesive on the post. Start from the bottom. Staple the rope to the post using a staple gun. Wind around the post going up. Staple every 4-5 inches. Make sure you wind it tight. There shouldn’t be spot where the wood is showing if you did it correctly.
  • Place a toy. Staple a piece of rope or cord on top of a post place a tennis ball on the other end. You can use any other ball of the same kind.

Do not even consider putting your kitten in serious pain by declawing
it. This may be the worst thing you can do to it. Your cat is going to
be subjected to a life without balance. Just follow the simple steps to
create a scratching post for your feline. This way it can scratch its
heart out on something else and not your valuable sofa. Place catnip
over the base and post to attract you kitten.


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