How To Make a Silent Dog Whistle

Dogs have the capacity of hearing higher pitches more effectively than most humans do. An effective way to catch their attention is the use of a silent dog whistle, which is also known as a Galton’s Whistle. It is very effective in catching your pet’s attention even while you are in crowded areas. Yelling at your dogs in places like these can be an act of futility especially when it is windy and noisy. Silent dog whistles are predisposed to emit high pitch sounds that could easily catch your pet’s attentio–even in the noisiest places. The design of a silent dog whistle is largely based on a willow whistle. If you have one, you only need to make some few adjustments with regard to the pitch of the whistle to transform it into a silent dog whistle.

If you want to make one out of a willow whistle, here some helpful instructions.

  1. Whistles made from willow trees, when used properly, can function very much like silent dog whistles. Thus, this type of tree is an effective source of animal whistles. Cut approximately eight to ten inches from a branch of any willow tree you find in your backyard or neighborhood. Make sure that the branch has a thickness of three-fourths inch.
  2. Cut the branch at an angle, and then cut the sharp end off this branch. This is the part of the branch that you will put in your mouth.
  3. Using your knife, create a hole out of the branch. You can do this by putting the knife atop the whistle and slowly pushing it down. Be very careful with this step because you can end up hurting yourself and ruining the whistle. You also have to remember that the hole should be small enough to put the pen’s tip through.
  4. Remove the bark of the branch. See to it that it remains as one piece. In doing so, you have to cut across the branch six inches long from the mouthpiece of the whistle, and then cut a circle round the bark at the tip of cut. Tap the willow branch against any harder objects like trees or walls to loosen the bark. Be careful though not to split it.
  5. Cut a round trench on top of the whistle. In making a high pitch dog whistle, you have to see to it that the trench is shallow. Do not cut more than one-fourth of the of the branch’s depth. Cut a small shaft across the mouthpiece and toward the trench since this is necessary to produce a high-pitched sound.
  6. Finally, wet the exposed wood and then reapply the bark to create a resonating effect on the sound of the bark.

You now have your silent dog whistle which you can use anywhere without bothering or distracting other people when you are in crowded places.


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