How To Make a Sisal Rope Scratching Post for a Cat

Cat on sisal rope scratching post

A scratch post is actually just a wooden post wrapped with textured materials to make the post rough. This is usually provided by feline owners for their pets so that they can have an acceptable place to scratch. The scratching post will satisfy the natural urge of your cat to scratch and at the same time provide a good low tone exercise. There are ready-made scratching posts available in the market. However, with a bit of patience, you can learn how to create the perfect scratching post for your cat. It’s a simple and fun project to make which your cat will truly love.

  • The post. An ideal post for an average cat would have a diameter of about four inch; the height can vary from 24 to 40 inches. If you can locate an actual tree trunk the better, you just need to make sure to clean the trunk freeing it from insects, molds, and peeling or rotten barks. Cut the post at your desired height.
  • Sisal rope wrap. With a sisal rope, attach one end of it at the top most part of the post. Keep it in place by using a tack or brad. Slowly wrap the sisal rope around the trunk as tight and compact as you can. There should be no gaps between the strips. You can slot in a brad for every five strips to keep the rope steady. After you have completed wrapping the post with the sisal rope, place in additional brads to lock the rope. Be sure to pound the brads and make certain that it is tightly hammered so it would not be removed from continuous scratching from your pet.
  • Preparing the base. Get a 16 inch square plywood with a half inch width. Find the midpoint of the square by drawing lines from one corner to the opposite corner. The midpoint would be the place where the two lines intersect. Use the lines as guide and mark two points at the center, each mark should be approximately ¾ inch away from the midpoint of the board. Drill holes at the mark as this will be for your screws. Remember that the holes should correspond to the size of your screws.
  • Finishing touches. Now that the base board is ready, Place it on the flat end of the bottom post using the holes as guide. Drill holes at the post in preparation for the corresponding screws that will be inserted to lock the base board. Before screwing the baseboard and post together, you may apply wood glue to add stability to your project. Now bore in the two woodscrews to complete your post. Turn it upside down and let it stand for a while to permit the glue to dry up. And now the scratching post is finished. You can bring it to your cat and let your pet enjoy her new scratching post.

A sisal rope scratching post is a fun tool for your cat. It allows a place for your cat to scratch out its natural urges without damaging your carpet or your furniture. Be reminded though that scratching post should be placed on level surfaces away from stairs or ledges that could endanger the cat from falling when they scratch. Also check the post from time to time and see if there are splinters, raised nails or screws or anything that may cause injury to your cat. Lastly, sit down and relax, let your cat enjoy the scratching post.


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