How To Make Bird Feeder Crafts

Spring has sprung and there are birds everywhere! In the mornings you can see many varieties of birds fluttering about your porch. There are so many different colors and varieties; it’s like watching a performance that’s been orchestrated just for you!

If you have a crafting nature and you like bird watching, then creating pine cone bird feeders is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. This craft is so simple you can even have your kids do it! It can be difficult to find things to occupy the kids all summer, but this classic craft will help. 

  1. Find some pine cones. Try to locate the ones that are slightly open and not tightly closed. More pine cone bird feeders will bring more birds, so choose as many as you want.
  2. Shop around and find some inexpensive peanut butter. The store brand on sale is a perfect choice.
  3. Bird seed can be purchased from a wide variety of stores. Try grocery stores or feed stores to compare prices of the different types of food.
  4. Take each pine cone and tie a piece of string or yarn firmly onto the center. Leave enough string on each one for you to tie the completed project onto a branch of your tree.
  5. Using a spoon, spread the peanut butter all over the pine cones. Make sure to cover them on all sides. This is the sticky part, but it’s lots of fun! You don’t need to be a perfectionist, just get it coated.
  6. On a large cookie sheet, sprinkle the bird seed out evenly. Roll each pine cone through the seeds until it’s evenly coated.
  7. Once you’ve evenly coated all the pine cones, tie your new bird feeders in a tree on your lawn and watch the birds flock to enjoy!

These bird feeders make great classroom projects for kids, but they work just as well for nursing home patients. Anyone can enjoy putting them together and watching all the different varieties of birds collect and feast.


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