How To Make Cheap Cat Toys

Cats love to play with their toys. It brightens up their day and keeps them busy. However, toys are sometimes lost at home or ruined easily due to cats’ predatory nature. You might want to try making cheap cat toys for your little feline from thing that you can find around your home.

There are many kinds of toys that you can make from inexpensive materials, some even things that you would normally just throw away. Here are a few suggestions on cheap cat toys that you can make:

  • Push-over toilet paper tube wheel. You will need a toilet paper tube and a pair of scissors. Get your toilet paper tube and mark one end with 11 1 ½ inch long lines that are parallel to the tube. Do the same on the other side. Cut the slits with a pair of scissors and fold the slits outwards. The slits will serve as the wheels of your push-over toilet paper tube wheel. Now you are done. Give it to your cat to play with; it will surely be his delight.
  • Kitty gym. You will need an old baby gym, string, feathers, and bottle caps. Get the old baby gym and take out the toys that used to hang on them. Cut out eight pieces of strings about eight to 10  inches long. Tie a piece of feather to one end of the string. Do the same to a few other pieces of feathers. Take a bottle cap and punch a small hole through it, just enough for it to be attached to the string. Take a string and tie it on to the bottle cap through the hole. Do the same to a few other pieces of bottle caps. Now that you have all the strings ready, hang them on to the old baby gym at different lengths. You can now present this to your cat.
  • Cat rattle. You will need a clear plastic bottle, small bells and brightly colored toys. Get the clear plastic bottle and take out its labels or any other paper that is stuck on to it. Also make sure that it is empty. Take the cap off and put the small bells and little brightly colored toys inside. Do not fill it up too much or else the contents will not move around as it rolls. Close the cap and give to your cat.
  • Cat sticks. You will need old pens and pencils, and a knife. Take the old pens and pencils and chop off any sharp edges. Pencils are easier to chop since they are made of wood. You may choose to grind the sharp edges with a sand paper if you are having difficulty using just the knife. For the pens, take out its caps and sharp ends. That is it! You can lay these out in front of your cat and he will surely love playing around with the sticks.
  • Tail stick. You will need a two-foot long stick, a two-foot by two-inch long fabric, stuffing, your basic sewing kit, and strong glue. Make the tail by folding the fabric horizontally in half, with its right side facing each other. Stitch the edges of the fabric, leaving only one side open. Turn it right side up and fill with stuffing. Now, taking you may choose to stitch the open end closed or insert the two foot-long stick by its mouth and use glue to stick the stuffed tail on. Tease your cat by gripping the stick and having him chase the stuffed tail.

These cheap and inexpensive projects are something your cat will surely be thankful for. Have fun with him and enjoy!


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