How To Make Friends with a Stray Cat

Stray cats are highly dangerous because of their exposure to harsh environments. Even trusting people is already out of their mind. That is why as much as possible, people will tell you never to befriend a stray cat. Who knows, by trying to befriend it, it might bite you and you may become infected with rabies. That is something you should be careful about when befriending a stray cat.

The good news is, though dangerous, making friends with a stray cat is possible. It only needs the right timing and a gentle approach. Here are some tips on how you can befriend a stray cat by taking some precautions as well:

  • Don’t be intimidating. Try not to be so intimidating for the stray cat by getting down on the ground the first time you approach the cat. When you get down, try to stay still and not make any sudden movement that will scare the cat. Let it get used to you being there until it realizes that you are not there to hurt him.
  • Get attention. Steal the cat’s attention by making soft noises like clicking tongue or talking to it calmly and quietly. Wait for the cat to notice you and never make any harsh movements there.
  • Reach out. Reaching out literally will make the stray cat feel that you are a gentle creature. Put out your hand and wait until the cat approaches you. Let the cat approach you and do the first move. Allow him to sniff your hand. This is the animal’s way of getting familiar with a person. After some sniff, gently pat the stray cat. When doing this, never get down on your knees or hands because it will be harder for you to get away in case the stray cat decides to attack you.
  • Food. Giving a stray cat some food is a good way to start a friendship. After patting the cat, throw away food at your side and see if it likes the food. Give the cat more food if it does.
  • Vet. If the cat is injured, take him to the vet and nurture it until it gets better. Doing something good for an animal will be appreciated by reciprocating this kindness.
  • Stay calm. There are chances that the stray cat will growl or hiss at you. At this moment, better stay as calm as possible. It’s really something to be afraid of but if you run, it will ruin the possible friendship between you.
  • Move slowly. Even after the cat has approached you, keep your movements slowly. You still don’t have the cat’s full trust after some minutes of petting. Continue to be gentle until it gets used to you being there.
  • Pet. Petting the stray cat is a sign that you want to be friends. This is also the right moment to tell the cat that you don’t want to do something harsh to it.

Be extra careful when approaching a stray cat and be very gentle. Only through proper approach that you can successfully and safely befriend a stray cat.


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