How To Medicate Your Cat With a Pill

Like people, pets are squeamish about medicines and are even harder to administer meds to because they have sharp teeth that can bite and wound you. It’s quite a complicated procedure but there are many ways to undertake this that will make it a little bit less complicated for you and your pet. Let’s take a cat, for example. Cats have very small mouths that can only open widely when they are yawning. The task for you is to pry open the cat’s mouth and pop that pill in. Are you up to it? Well, as a pet owner, you are forced to do it because you can’t always run to the vet when your cat needs a daily dose of antibiotic pills. Imagine the bill every time you’d have to resort to professional help. So try to do this yourself

Here’s how to medicate your cat with a pill.

  1. Look out for symptoms that call for medication. Common cat sicknesses like throwing up constantly and not because of a hairball, diarrhea, upper respiratory disease exhibited by sneezing, dripping nose, and coughing, and conjunctivitis – all these need to be treated and medicated.
  2. Bring your cat to a veterinarian stat. As in right away and do not attempt to buy meds that have not been prescribed even if this is not the first time your cat has had a particular sickness. Checking in with your vet will make sure your cat gets the right treatment and this includes anything that have to be taken orally until your cat gets well.
  3. Buy your cat’s meds. Make sure you have the name right and bring the vet’s written prescription to the drug store. There are vets who also have the meds already on hand so if this presents itself to you, all the better. It will save you the time running off to fill a prescription. Go through the label of the meds, read the medical information on the sheet that came with the meds, and check the “Best Before” date to make sure it’s current.
  4. Position your cat comfortably. Place your cat in a comfortable position on the bed, your lap, or on the carpet. Try rubbing his tummy or work your cat to a relaxed state but not too relaxed that your cat falls asleep. Just the right touch to prep him for his meds. You should also be in the zone with your cat otherwise your cat will feel wired if you are under stress. Cats are sensitive and can feel if their owner is tense and strung out.
  5. Begin phase 1. Take a position beside your cat while holding the pill firmly in between your thumb and forefinger.
  6. Proceed to phase 2. Place your free hand on your cat’s head. When properly positioned, you will observe that your hand covers almost the entire portion of your cat’s head while clutching it firmly and carefully so you do not hurt your cat. Proceed to tilt your cat’s head backward, which will lead your cat to react by dropping his mouth wide open.
  7. Drop the pill as far as you can. When you see all the way back to your cat’s mouth, this is your sign to move in. Place the pill inside your cat’s mouth but use one of your free fingers to keep his mouth open by resting it on the gap of the smaller teeth avoiding the sharp incisors at all cost. Drop the pill as far as you can manage then close his mouth and blow on his nose to encourage swallowing.

You can observe how your vet does this the first time so you can do it by yourself next time.


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