How To Play with a Kitten

Playing with your kittens performs a crucial role in the development of their motor skills, social behavior, and personality. As such, you must put careful attention to how you play with your kittens. Here are some tips on how you should play with them.

  • Read about kitten development patterns. Although it is true that no kittens are exactly the same, it is equally true that there are certain behavioral patterns common to all kittens. In general, kittens are most playful from the age of 3 weeks until they reach the age of 2 years. It starts from an intense inclination to play at the age of 3 weeks to 6 months. During this period, you should keep with the level of playfulness of your kittens or their motor skills, social behavior, and personality development will be deterred. After this period, your kittens’ level of playfulness would gradually decline until they reach the age of two.
  • Hold and cuddle your kitten. This is the kind of playing that you should do if you want your kitten to have a permanent affection to you. This is the time in his life when he familiarizes himself with the person who cares for him. If you get his affection at this early stage in his life, you would forever have it. Just make sure not to make your fingers be his toy because if you do, he can develop a bad habit of biting and scratching your fingers. A gentle stroke of his hair with your fingers is enough. Anyway, what is important is the touch fiber you provide to your kitten.
  • Let your kitten interact with other kittens. Interactive playing develops your kitten’s social behavior. Let it play with other kittens. This would hone his social skills. But if you don’t have other kittens with which your kitten can play, be the other kitten. Use objects like balls when playing with your kitten. And do not forget to talk to him.
  • Play with your kitten to transmute his predatory ways. Coming from a family of predators, kittens have a great deal of animalistic behavior locked in themselves. Let your kitten unleash this behavior freely but in a controlled way. You may be required to play rough with him, which may take the form of wrestling and grappling with him. Just make sure to keep him from going overboard, that is, when he is already fighting with you. But if you want to totally avoid this kind of risk, you can use laser pointers instead and let him just chase the laser.
  • Use toys. Kittens also like playing with toys. Buy him a small ball, a toy car, or a Cat Dancer. It is important to note at this point that kittens get easily bored and fed up with toys, so as much as possible, rotate and alternate his toys.

Although kittens are fun to have and watch, they are not mere toys. Reciprocate the fun and joy that your kitten provides you by manning up to your responsibility of playing with him.


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