How To Potty Train Stubborn Dogs

Potty training your pet dog is usually very smooth and easy. Though, some types of dogs will have the natural inclination to refuse or resist your training. Potty training such dogs becomes a chore – unless you are familiar with some tricks and techniques that you can use to make your stubborn dog obey your commands. Generally, most hounds and terriers are naturally aggressive and stubborn, as are some sporting dogs. Yet, despite their hardheadedness, potty training them is not impossible. In this article, you will learn some tips and techniques that you can try when potty training your stubborn pet dog.

  1. Gradually teach your dog that the whole house is its sleeping area. Dogs almost always do not urinate or defecate in areas where they sleep. With this principle in mind, keep your dog inside a small area (perhaps in a crate or fenced off) inside the house. Start with a small area and gradually increase the dog’s roaming area. As you gradually introduce your dog to the idea of the whole house’s being its sleeping room, consistently bring your dog outside to urinate or defecate. Afterwards, put it back inside the crate or fenced area. Leave your dog inside the restricted area only for a few hours, not for a whole day. Placing your dog in a restricted area that gradually increases is part of teaching it the boundaries of where it is allowed to urinate or defecate.
  2. Whenever the dog is outside its restricted pen, always make sure that you are in the same room as your dog. This will keep your dog within your sight so that you can immediately let it out of the house to eliminate whenever it gets up and starts wandering around. To make this easy, you can try installing a doggy door.
  3. Every morning, bring your dog outside the house for nature calls. Do this consistently every morning so that your dog will learn that every time it needs to eliminate, its only choice is to go outside the house.
  4. Stick to a feeding and sleeping schedule. Again, be consistent and prompt when feeding your dog. After every meal, bring your dog outside to eliminate. Dogs tend to urinate or defecate after meals or after taking long naps. Stay with your dog until it finishes eliminating before bringing it back into the house.
  5. Reward your dog for good behavior. Be lavish. Every time it urinates or defecates in the right designated place, heap praises on it using a gentle, loving voice while caressing or petting your dog at the same time. You may also reward your pet with doggy treats. Avoid being cruel to your dog when it makes potty mistakes or accidents, as these can happen sometimes. Your dog always wants to please you, but you don’t have to use cruelty (e.g., scolding, shouting, spanking) to show your displeasure. Instead, show your displeasure by withdrawing your attention from your dog, ignoring its pleas for attention, and not looking it straight in the eye.

Stubborn dogs can be potty trained, but the time it takes for them to complete the training may take longer than the more docile ones. With the tips discussed in this article, you can potty train your stubborn dog more easily.


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