How To Prevent Hairballs and Vomiting for Your Cat

Garfield had it often so your cat should too.  Yes, a cat vomiting hairballs is a common occurrence.  That said if your cat hurls, do not panic as it is perfectly normal.  This is because cats instinctively lick parts of their body to stay clean and it is through this that they swallow a lot of their own fur.  After awhile, these furs accumulate to form a hairball which the cat will then spew out.  

In addition, other cats may vomit involuntarily quite a lot due to this accompanied by digestive imbalances and other conditions.  Obviously, if you love your cat, you really won’t want to see them vomiting like that.  Here are some tips to reduce the vomiting and hairball frequency.

  • Keep your cat clean.  This should not even be said.  It should be done without even asking.  If you love your cat, then you will want them clean, beautiful, and of course free from skin pests such as fleas and undesirable parasites.  Now, cats do not like wet baths.  So, if you need to keep them clean, you will need an effective powdered shampoo, preferably a particular brand that provides parasite and flee protection.

    If you are able to keep them clean, they will lick themselves less.  In addition, should they still decide to lick themselves, you will be sure that they do not inadvertently suck down any unwanted parasites down their gullet thus, preventing possible digestive conditions that could lead to inexplicable vomiting.

  • Groom him daily.  Get a brush and groom your cat as often as you can.  He will love you for it.  Cats love to be pampered.  And, at the same time, if you brush and groom him regularly, you will effectively reduce the numbers of loose hairs on his hide.  This will significantly help in reducing the amount of fur balls or hairballs that will accumulate in his digestive tract.
  • Avoid poor digestion.  If you want to reduce the vomiting of your cat altogether, you will definitely want to ensure that he digests his food properly.  Cats are known to swallow before chewing.  They will normally gulp the food all down as a whole.  This is obviously bad as this can make it difficult for his digestive system to break down the food and will increase the frequency of vomiting.  To prevent this, simply feed your cat smaller bits of cat food.  Break the food down yourself before feeding it to him.
  • Check for allergies.  It is not uncommon for cats to develop allergies relevant to the food you feed him.  This can be a cause of incontrollable vomiting which can also increase the number of hairballs he spews out.  To rule allergies out, simply visit your vet and get your cat tested.  Avoid feeding him foods that will agitate his health.  Furthermore, if there are rugs, carpets, or scents in your house that he is allergic to, remove it as soon as possible to make your cat live and breathe a little easier.

Cats will likewise benefit from maximum water consumption.  Make sure that he rehydrates often.  This will decrease the vomiting and will even reduce hairballs since the water will help break down the fur in his system and wash it out naturally through the other end.


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