How To Prevent Your Cat from Urinating Everywhere

Cats are cute and furry pets. These furry friends are one of the most tamed pet you can have in your household. However, they sometimes have the tendency to urinate everywhere. You can prevent your cat from urinating everywhere. Training your cat may take time, but it will be worth it because you will no longer worry about your furniture and appliances, not to mention the bad smell that comes with cat pee.

Below are the steps that will help prevent your cat from urinating everywhere:

  • Litter box. For old and overweight cats, a litter box that they can easily reach may prevent them from urinating everywhere. Some old cats have arthritis and find walking to the litter box difficult. Overweight cats may experience this as well. As a solution, put litter boxes on different parts of the house where the cats do not have to make an effort to jump high in order to pee and litter.
  • Marking a territory. Like any other creatures, cats are territorial animals. The presence of other cats close to your house can even increase their desire to mark their territories. A cat marks its territory by urinating on that area. The presence of other cats can increase their want in dominating the place. The best way to stop this is keep stray cats away from your pet to lessen its desire to mark its territory.
  • The cat hates the litter box. Cats are very clean animals even if they like to pee and litter around. If they are not comfortable with their litter box, they will find other places to defecate and urinate. Clean up the litter box or change it regularly to have a new and clean spot for your cat. This will prevent it from finding other places to urinate on.
  • Find out if your cat has urinary problems. If your cat has increased frequency of urinating and you suddenly find blood in his urine, it is likely that your cat has urinary problems. Have the veterinarian check this problem and provide the medical attention that the cat needs. Use the prescribed medication for the ailment and observe your cat’s behavior on a regular basis. If the spraying persists even when the urinary problem is cured, share your observations with the vet in order to find out the real problem behind the frequent urination.
  • Have your cat neutered or spayed. Once you adopt a new pet cat, try going to your vet. Have the cat neutered or spayed. Neutering and spraying the cat will lessen the frequency of urination and release of awful odor when it is in heat. A cat spraying inside the house can cause a bad smell. Spaying and neutering would lessen the cats’ release of this scent through its urine.

Taking care of your cat is not easy especially when your pet likes to urinate everywhere. However, it only takes training to enjoy the beauty of having one. The scent of something pungent is one of the turn offs in having a pet around the house — but do not fret. You can do something about it.


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