How To Punish a Cat for Peeing on Carpet

Though pets in general are really nice to have around (studies show that numerous health benefits come with owning pets), there’s one particularly nasty thing you’d have to deal with as a pet owner: pet poo and urine. If your cat has been peeing on your carpet one too many times, here are some ways to punish your cat and deal with the situation:

  1. Try to find out if your cat has a medical condition. Cats do not normally pee outside their litter box, and one big reason that they do is that may be suffering from urinary tract infection, liver or kidney problems, or any type of medical ailment. Have her checked out by her veterinarian, as these infections may prove to be fatal to your feline.
  2. Check to see if your cat’s litter box is conducive for her business. Cats are naturally very clean and finicky creatures, and they will refuse to do their business in their litter box if it is not maintained properly. That’s why it’s very important that you clean out their litter box every end of the day. You may also want to change the kitty litter; some cats are very sensitive about coarse-grained litter, so you would do well to change your brand to light and fine-grained varieties. Many cats will also refuse to share their litter box with other cats, so you should provide many different pans throughout the house.
  3. Discipline your cat gently. If you do catch her peeing outside of her litter box, just pick her up gently and place her in her litter box. Do this consistently and she’d get your point. You may also work with the principle of behavior modification. You should give your cat some treats every time she successfully pees or defecates inside her litter box. And if you find that you really need to remind your cat not to do her business outside her litter box, you could spray her with a water pistol when you catch her on the act. Just be sure to never hit her on the face, and just use a sparse amount of water.
  4. Make the peeing spot unpleasant to your cat. Cats usually pee on the same carpet spot all the time, so you should make this spot unpleasant for her. Place a bowl of vinegar near that spot (they hate the smell) or aluminum foil over it (they hate the feel of aluminum foil). You could also make a lot of noise (by clapping your hands and stomping  your feet) while she’s doing her business on the carpet, and she’d learn to avoid this ruckus by doing her business back on her litter box.

There you have it! These are just some ways to deal with your cat peeing on the carpet. Just remember, before you punish your cat, it’s very important that you get to the real root and reasons for this problem occurring in the first place. If you remedy the problem first, chances are, you wouldn’t need to punish your cat after all. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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