How To Rid Your Kitty of Dandruff

If you think only humans are prone to dandruff, then you are wrong. Cats are also susceptible to having dandruff on their fur. Although it does not pose as a direct threat to their health, having dandruff is a result of dry skin. Cats often scratch what is itchy and if they have dry skin and often shed dandruff, continually scratching may result to skin injuries and different diseases. However, simply giving your cat a bath and using an anti-dandruff shampoo for humans will simply not work. There are other ways that you can get rid of your kitty’s dandruff effectively.

  • Preparation. First, you will need to purchase a good brush for your cat. By using the brush to remove loose fur, you are also removing scattered dandruff as well. Purchase a top-of-the-line brush that traps in fur and can easily be removed and cleaned. You will also need to purchase a bottle of pure Salmon oil and cat food (preferably the wet kind) for this task. All of the items that you need can be bought at a pet store. You can also ask a sales representative in the store for advice on what you should get.
  • Brushing your cat. Most cats love being brushed, but for some reason your cat does not have a liking for brushing, it can get difficult and tiring. To be safe, make sure that you coax your cat in an area of the house that he cannot easily run from. For example, you can bring your kitty in the bathroom and close the door. From that point you can begin brushing your cat to remove the loose fur and dandruff. Have a trash can beside you to remove the piled up fur on the brush.
  • Giving your cat supplements. As mentioned, having dandruff is a result of dry skin. Merely giving your cat a bath with human anti-dandruff shampoo will dry your cat’s skin even more. Dry skin stems from not having enough essential oils in the cat’s diet, which is why adding a few drops of salmon oil can be beneficial for the improvement of his condition. Give your cat his regular amount of cat food during feeding hour and then add a few drops of the oil in the dish before serving it. If your cat does not want to eat the oiled-up food, do not be surprised. A cat will respond poorly to any change given in its food which is why if this happens, just start off by adding a drop of salmon oil to make your pet get used to the scent and taste. You should see an improvement in your cat’s skin after a week’s use of the salmon oil.

Brush your cat as often as you can. Not only do cats love it (well, most
of them) but it also prevents shedding fur that has dandruff in it all
over your home. If your kitty’s condition does not improve after a
couple of weeks, consult a veterinarian so you could be prescribed the
proper treatment for your pet’s condition. Good luck!


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