How To Safely Trim Long-Hair Cats

Part of grooming a cat with long-hair is trimming the hair. Some long-hair cat owners trim the hair because of the matted mess that it has turned into. Others trim the hair to cool their cats. Less shedding is also observed in long-hair cats with shorter hair.

To safely trim the long hair of your cat, here is what you need to do.

  • Prepare your grooming tools. You will need a sharp scissors and a trimmer that can be used on cat hair. Trimmers are sold in pet stores and online. A cat comb for long hair cats should be on hand. Make sure you have a towel large enough for the cat to stand or lie down on. Lay the towel on the table or wherever you plan to groom your cat.
  • Trim the long hair with scissors. Before you start using the trimmers, use the scissors first. The scissors are used to trim long hair found in areas where the trimmer cannot get close enough. Start by trimming off the matted fur. Trimmers should never be used on matted fur. Snip around and close to the opening of his ears. Check the area behind your cat’s anus. Trim along this area with the scissors to keep it neat and clean. If your cat is a female and expecting kittens anytime soon, you should also trim around the nipples and the vulva. This will help diminish the chances of infection during birthing plus the kittens will have easier access to their food.
  • Use the trimmer. After using the scissors on matter fur and other hair that cannot be trimmed with a trimmer, switch to the trimmer. Start at the back of his neck down to the base of the tail. Make sure to trim only a little each time. Otherwise, you might trim off a patch of hair that you had no plans of trimming. Worse yet, you may inadvertently nick his skin.
  • Comb his hair. Once in awhile comb your cat’s hair to check your progress. Usually the hair on the head is kept long. If you think it needs trimming, only trim off the longest hairs. Avoid cutting the hair on your cat’s face.
  • Tips:
        • Grooming and trimming should begin while your cat is still a kitten. This way he will get used to the invasive attention. It is harder to start the whole grooming process when the cat is already an adult.
        • When trimming a kitten for the first time, turn on the trimmer and observe the reaction of your kitten. If he eventually settles down and lets you do your job, then that’s a good sign. Otherwise, if he cannot handle the loud noise, you may have to tranquilize your kitten or go to a professional. Your vet can give you something to calm your kitten or your adult cat down.
        • Have your cat trimmed by a professional if you can’t seem to get him to sit still. Trimming your cat’s hair may not be in your skill set. Rather than hurt your cat or get scratched yourself, it would be best to let a professional groomer do the job.

Grooming and trimming your cat is a thankless job. However, you know
that it needs to be done. When trimming your cat always keep his safety
and yours in mind. Use the proper tools in trimming your cat. If you
can’t handle the job, bring your cat to a professional groomer.


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