How To Stop a Dog from Being Aggressive Toward Visitors

Having a dog that is aggressive towards guests can be really dangerous and can result to dog bites and other injuries that can be sometimes fatal. There are several reasons why canines become so aggressive when they see someone going in the house. Oftentimes, they see this as a violation of their privacy and territory. They also do this to “protect” their turf or pack. Sometimes, they become mad at something that is completely unknown to them. These are the three main reasons why dogs would have this kind of behavior. However, it is very important that you do not lash out on them, shout or become equally violent. This will not help the situation at all. Here’s how to train your dog to stop him from being aggressive.

  1. Train your dog! Start training your pup about the basic commands like sit, stay and stand as early as possible. The younger the dog is, the better. Controlling an aggressive dog that does not know the basic commands can be very difficult. So make sure that they first learn this by heart.
  2. Evaluate your dog’s behavior. Next step is analyzing why your dog gets really upset to the point of aggressiveness whenever someone visits your house. Is it a territorial issue? A fear of the unknown? These are the things that you should know the answer to. If it is a territorial issue, then your dog is trying to protect you and the whole house by biting someone off. If it is fear, your dog should be exposed with other people more.
  3. Be the master! Regardless of the cause, it is important that your puppy knows that you are the leader, not the other way around. You can easily do this by making it clear to your dog that the treats and toys are not a privilege. They are something that they should only receive when they follow you or did something right. As for the food, do not give in to their wants. Have them follow your own schedule when it comes to feeding.
  4. Socialize. It is very important that your dog is used to other dogs and all sorts of people. Do not shut your pup from the outside world. This will just increase his fear from the unknown and they can be really violent when this happens. Walk your dog everyday and play ball in the park.
  5. Put your dog in a room. When someone is at the door, keep your dog in a room before letting the visitor in. Your pooch will probably bark nonstop. Just ignore this and let the guest/s in. Have them seated comfortably and wait until the dog stops barking and get used to the visitor’s smell.
  6. Familiarize and ignore! When your dog becomes completely familiar with the scent of the person outside, let him out of the room. Make sure he’s on a leash just to be sure. The guest should still be seated and should ignore the dog at all times.
  7. Command your dog to sit and stay. When he follows your command, praise your pup and immediately give him some yummy dog treats. Keep on doing this until you reach the desired behavior.

Just follow these steps and you will surely be surprised, if not amazed by the change of your dog’s behavior towards your visitors. It is very important that you consistently do this and that you are very strict with your rules. Remember, you are the “leader of the pack” and your dog should know this. If this has been established, your pooch will easily follow you at your every command. Good luck!


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