How To Stop a Dog from Peeing in a Crate

Nothing could be more dreadful than your dog peeing all over the crate at any time of the day! This could be tiring and extremely frustrating especially when you are really busy but do not have any choice but to clean the pee immediately. There are several reasons as to why dogs pee in their own space. Normally, canines would rather keep their place clean and odor free. No one would want to roll, sleep and stay in their own piddle! So there should be something that is causing it. It could be due to a separation anxiety (this is very common for all dogs that are always left alone by their owners), fear of the unknown, overly excited about something, or it may be stress or nervousness. These are the things that make any dogs pee uncontrollably anywhere they may be. However, there are ways that you can effectively do to stop your dog from peeing inside their crate. Read on to learn more.

  1. Housetrain your dog as soon as possible. This means your pooch needs to learn how to follow commands such as sit, stay, stand, stop and leave. This also includes sessions for toilet training. You might want to ensure that whenever your dog needs to pee, he should learn to let you know about it. The easiest way to do this is to teach your pet to bark on the door when he needs to go out. This way, you are able to understand your pup’s needs.
  2. Separation anxiety issues. If this is due to separation anxiety, there is another way to make your dog stop peeing in the crate. You can start by teaching your dog to be more independent. Leave a lot of toys that your pet can chew on and play with whenever he is alone. Put it all in the crate. You can even buy some specially designed dog toys wherein you can hide dog treats inside. This will keep your dog busy for long hours! When leaving your home, do not say goodbye to your pet. Keep it on a down low.
  3. Exercise your dog before and after leaving your house. The goal is to tire him as much as you can so that he’d probably sleep the whole day. Let your dog be very active during the day by letting him run through your backyard and the like.
  4. Do not stop using your dog’s crate. Make sure that it is a very comfortable place for him, a space where he can totally relax and play. It is important that he should like his crate. Never use it as a tool for punishment. This will only encourage your dog to pee in it out of stress and nervousness. However, if your pup loves the crate, he would not want to dirty it with his own pee.

If your pup continues to pee inside the crate even after carefully following these steps, it would be a great idea to consult a veterinarian for some advice. It might be because of some undiscovered medical problem that should be treated as soon as possible. If not, just keep on doing this step and you will soon have a dog that can control his pee flawlessly. Remember, always use a constructive and positive way to reprimand your dog. Never use force, pain or verbal shouting abuse. This will definitely make the matters worse than it already is. Always be loving but firm. Good luck!


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