How To Stop Cats from Using the Yard as a Litterbox

If the neighborhood cats seem to have deemed your yard as their public bathroom, it can be very frustrating. Since you won’t always be around to shoo the cats away, you need to do some things to make your yard an unattractive litterbox for these felines. Here are ways so you can stop cats from using the yard as a litterbox.

  • Get your yard wet. Cats don’t like getting wet so to keep them away, make sure they get wet when they go to your yard. One way to do this is to get plastic water bottles. Fill these up with water but don’t screw the lid on. Strategically place these around your yard where the cats are likely to do their business. If the cats brush up against it, it will topple over and get them wet.
  • Place plastic forks on the ground. Another solution you can try is to use plastic forks. Stick these on the ground with the tines facing up. Put the forks close together so that the cat doesn’t have space to move around and dig on the ground.
  • Use orange peels to make your yard smell. Make the scent of your yard repellant for your cat. One way to do this is to take out your ground up orange peels and scatter it on the ground. It’s organic so don’t worry about making a mess.
  • Use vinegar. The smell of vinegar is another thing that cats don’t like. Get some paper towels and soak it in vinegar. Place these on the areas where the cats like to frequent. One whiff and the cats will go away.
  • Use pepper spray. Pepper spray isn’t just useful at protecting yourself from thugs. Spray it on the leaves of your plants and the cats won’t be able to go near it.
  • Have plants in your yard that cats don’t like. Certain aromatic plants emit a smell that repels cats. Great ones to have are lavender and thyme. You may also plant pepper or chili plants.
  • Use chicken wire on the ground. Make it impossible for cats to dig your garden by placing something on the ground that will make it difficult to walk on and dig around. Chicken wire is a good option. If you have old window screens, this will help as well. If you have some pinecones, layer these on the ground. Finally, small stones are also effective.
  • Install a motion detector sprinkler system. If you have tried these remedies but nothing seems to work, be willing to invest in a special sprinkler system that gets activated when it senses movement. As soon as a cat steps on your yard, it will turn on and wet the cat.

If you know the owners of the cat that are causing all this trouble, consider talking to your neighbor to discuss his kitty’s activities. This may help if he is able to keep his cat indoors. Try these remedies and no cat will ever again make your yard into a litterbox. Good luck!


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