How To Stop Your Cat From Jumping On The Counter

Naturally, cats like to climb and stay on high places most of the time. Kitchen counters are very suitable candidates especially if you keep food and water unguarded on it.

Cats are not as commonly trained as dogs, presenting a lot more challenges. But it is good to know that they can be trained as well. If you find your cat constantly jumping on your kitchen counter, you will have to stop them and train them not to do so ever again.

Follow the tips below on how you can train your cat to keep off the counter.

  • Train your cat early on. As much as possible, train your cat starting from when he is just a kitten. Since he is still too small to reach the counter, he can get used to a normal routine without the need to invade the kitchen counter.
  • Feed your cat on the ground. Never put the cat food on the counter. Even when preparing the cat food, never leave it on the counter as this will entice the cat to climb and jump up. Always feed your cat on the ground and keep the cat food away after preparation. Feed your cat regularly so he would not have a reason to look for food. Also practice the same when giving your cat water to drink. Put it on the same spot each time.
  • Never leave food uncovered. Do not tempt your cat to jump on the kitchen counter by leaving food on it, especially when it is unguarded or uncovered. As much as possible, place all leftovers in the refrigerator immediately.
  • Reprimand, but do not hit. When you see your cat on the counter, immediately call your cat’s attention and say “Off the counter” firmly. Pick your cat and set him down without hitting him.
  • Have patience. A cat will take far more time to train than when training a dog, so your patience is very important. You will have to tell your cat to stay off the counter and pick him up several times before he gets the point. That is also why you should not give your cat a reason to jump on the counter.
  • Handle stubborn cats. Aside from calling the cat off the counter, you can prepare treats to help you in your training. Once you see the cat on the counter, take out the treat and show it to your cat. Call your cat and waive the treat so he will go down and head for you. If it still does not work, get a water spray bottle and fill it with water. Spray the cat a little every time you see it on top of the counter. No need to get your cat soaked wet. And since cats hate being wet, he will go down the counter immediately.

A lot of time and patience are the keys in getting your cat trained. Be consistent and firm. Ask everyone in your house to do the same when they see the cat jumping on the counter.


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