How To Stop Your Cat from Shedding Hair

You know how unattractive it is to have cat fur all over the house, from the furniture and down to the rug. What’s even worse is that fur also has a way of sticking to your clothes. If you are tired of dealing with cat dander, it is high time for you to deal with the root cause—hair shedding. There are effective ways to keep your pet from excessively shedding hair, and here are some of them.

  • Plan a healthy diet for your cat. Hair shedding is a natural process. But a cat that is healthy sheds less. A cat needs nutritious, balanced, and quality diet to have better skin, coat, and fur, which will result in less shedding. If you are confused with the numerous cat food brands in the market today, you better consult a veterinarian. He knows exactly which cat food is good for your cat. 
  • Give him supplements. Your cat needs to take supplements to keep his coat healthy, shiny, and less prone to excessive shedding. Particularly, you need to give him Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid supplements.
  • Give him a bath. Cats are hygienic pets; they lick their fur to clean themselves, which gives them little need for further bathing. But to remove loose hair left in his body, you need to give him a good bath. Once a month is usually enough. More than that can be troublesome, as cats are particularly stressed out when given a bath and so shed more hair than normal. When bathing him, make sure to put him in a small tub, so he won’t easily run off. Use a quality cat shampoo, massage it along the length of his body, and rinse it off. Then, towel your cat dry.
  • Make use of wipes. If your cat is extremely agitated when given a bath, and stresses you out much more than the bath does him, you can resort to using wipes. Pet wipes, which usually have natural ingredients, help remove loose hair and prevent excessive hair shedding. Sprays also do well. You just mist a small amount to your cat’s body. Gently rub it in before drying it off.
  • Brush your cat’s hair. Use a grooming brush to brush your cat’s hair. This grooming brush is specifically designed to remove loose hair from his body. When there is less loose hair, there is less chance for him to lick and ingest fur balls, which are dangerous to his health. Regularly brushing also prevents matted fur and minimizes shedding.

Keep in mind that hair shedding will still occur, although possibly not as often and as excessive as before. Still, there is a need for you to protect your furniture, clothes, and practically the rest of the house from cat dander. You can do this by training your pet to sleep on his own bed. This will localize hair shedding. Also, you can cover furniture with slipcovers and blankets. If your clothes happen to have cat fur, use a tape roller to remove the fur.


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