How To Unspoil Your Dog

Dogs can be easily spoiled especially if they are new. We give them what they want and give in when they whine.

The following steps below will help unspoil your dog.

  • Avoid holding your dog for a very long time. This will only spoil your dog even more. Your dog will get used to being held or being caressed. He will feel superior and will not follow commands. Avoid putting him in bags or it will only make him feel like it is in control. He will always feel lazy. Make sure you walk your dog around for at least an hour a day. Exercise is important for a dog. Make sure that when you walk it, you are controlling where he goes and how fast he should walk. Do not make him drag you. He will get used to being the boss when taking walks. If your dog is used to pulling you, change this habit by being in command. Tug the leash firmly and say “No” in a strong powerful tone. Smaller dogs usually follow. Big dogs on the other hand will usually put up a fight. Continue to do this for the next few weeks. Remember though that it is also important to give your dog a break. Give your dog one day off the week to take control.
  • Avoid giving your dog treats. If your dog does not follow your orders, avoid giving him a treat. This will teach him to follow. Give him his usual meal. If your dog follows a command, you may reward him with a treat. This will teach him that following your command will yield him treats.
  • Control your dog. Do not let your dog control your life. If your dog whines, avoid giving too much attention. You can also punish your dog by caging him. If your dog is used to running around the house, you can choose to cage him or tie him on a leash. You can do this for a couple of minutes. Do not cage or leash him for a very long time.
  • Make sure you practice correcting your dog every day. This will help him understand your expectations of him.
  • Take your dog to obedience class. There are many professionals who can help unspoil dogs. You can search the Internet about them. Look for the one that is nearest your home and sign up for a class. You can choose to have a one-on-one session with the instructor or you can choose to have a class with other people and their dogs. One-on-one classes usually cost more than taking classes with others. Obedience classes can help change your dog’s bad habits. It is a good and fun way to unspoil your dog. It will help you understand what you are supposed to do if your dog is behaving in a bad way. Though there is an instructor, you will be the one to command your dog. The instructor will only tell you how to make your dog obey.

Dogs are very smart. They pick up easily. Make sure you unspoil them
sooner. It will be harder to unspoil them if you keep on letting them do
what they want to do.


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