How To Use Revolution for Cats

Revolution is an FDA-approved topical medication for dogs and cats, and it effectively fights against fleas, ear mites, roundworms and hookworms, and prevents heartworm disease. Selamectin is Revolution’s active ingredient. Here are some important things to remember in order to use Revolution for cats.

  • Know if Revolution is good for your cat. Revolution is generally well-tolerated, but it has been shown to result in mild digestive upsets. You should also only use Revolution on your cat if she is over six weeks old. Revolution is declared safe to use on pregnant or lactating cats. Do know, however, that Revolution requires a prescription from your cat’s vet.
  • Know which type of Revolution to buy. Take note that your cat’s weight is an important factor in choosing the particular Revolution you will need. There are two types of Revolution formulated for different weight ranges: Revolution Mauve is used on cats weighing up to 5lbs while Revolution Blue is used on cats weighing 5 to 15lbs. That’s because each box contains individual packs, with each pack meant to be used up for every application. The individual packs that Revolution Mauve contains weigh 15mg, while those that Revolution Blue contains weigh 45 mg. Also, you could choose whether you will buy a Revolution pack good for 3 months, or one good for 6 months.
  • If your cat weighs more than 15 lbs, you should consult her veterinarian as to how much mg of Revolution you should administer to her.
  • Apply Revolution onto your cat’s skin. Using Revolution is actually very easy and straightforward. Simply get an individual tube from the box; you will use the entire contents of this tube for one application. Open the tube by pressing down on the cap firmly. Once you hear a soft click, you have successfully broken the seal and opened the product.
  • Apply Revolution onto the skin at the back of your cat’s neck. Part her hair to ensure that the medication goes directly onto her skin. Once applied, the selamectin will enter into your pet’s bloodstream; parasites that ingest your pet’s blood will then die. The selamectin will also kill larval heartworm inside your cat’s tissues and bloodstream.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after application.
  • Apply Revolution once a month. Revolution is not only meant to combat present parasitic infections; it is also meant to be used as a maintenance medication to combat the possibility of flea infection and heartworm disease in your cat. Do consult your cat’s vet to ensure that you will always give the proper dosages for your cat. It’s best that you administer Revolution the same day every month, if only so you wouldn’t forget to do it. Never give double doses to your cat; overdose might result in salivation and lack of muscular coordination. Finally, don’t give Revolution if your cat is already taking an alternate heartworm medication.
  • Do know that Revolution is waterproof after two hours, so you could be sure that the medication stays on in your cat even after she’s given a bath.

There you have it! These are some of the important guidelines to remember when using Revolution for cats. It’s very important that you administer only the proper dosage, and that you closely work with your cat’s vet to ensure that your cat is getting the best cat care possible. Good luck and hope this helped!


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