Nurse Baby Sheep

When nursing sheep or bottle feeding, there are a few good things to know before you do so. Although some people just think, “Aw it’s such a cute baby! I’m going to bottle feed it just because I can!” If this is why your thinking of nursing baby sheep, don’t. A mother’s milk is irreplaceable on the nutritional level and you should avoid bottle feeding unless absolutely necessary.

I want to keep the baby sheep as a pet should I still let the sheep nurse from its mother?

This is truly up to you, bottle feeding a sheep to keep as a pet does have its extra benefits. The sheep will form a trust level with you since you are acting as its mother basically.
But at the same time sheep are very social and need other sheep, which makes them not the greatest standard pet.

The don’ts of nursing baby sheep.

Cow’s milk is not a good substitute for the mother sheep’s milk.

Never switch back and forth between multiple kinds of formulas. As with all animals’ extreme fluxuations in diet can cause digestion issues and lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

Don’t take a baby sheep away from nursing from its mother unless the mother will not nurse, the sheep is ill, or the sheep is of age to move on to a solid diet.

If you’re raising a Ram as a pet or for some purpose other than breeding needs to be neutered. The Ram can be a very dangerous animal if not fixed once it reached sexual maturity.

What is the best formula to give to baby sheep?

The best formulas for infant sheep are either a sheep’s milk replacer, or goat’s milk.

Sometimes sheep can have allergies to these milks as people do with milk. If your formula is making the sheep ill, this would be the only case in which it is ok to switch to cow’s milk.

When do I start weaning sheep onto solids?

You can start introducing young sheep to hay as early as two days old. But the sheep will still need the formula for the first month or so.
Introducing your infant sheep to hay early helps for an easy transition from formula to hay later down the line.

All in all we hope your sheep a happy and healthy life, with all the rest of your sheep!


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