How To Treat Dog Mange

Dog mange can make your dog uncomfortable. If not caught in an early stage, it can cause pain to your pet. Mites cause mange. These parasites infest on your dog’s skin. If you think your dog is suffering from dog mange, you should know the proper treatment to give your dog. Determining the right treatment for your dog depends on the severity of his condition. It also depends on the type of mite that infests your dog.

If you want to learn more about treating mange, here are some helpful treatment options you could use:

  • Use medicated dips. The most common treatment for mange is medicated dips. In order to be effective, dogs should use medicated dips for several weeks. There are also alternative prescriptive medications that you can administer instead of dips. This kind of alternative medication usually takes up to one month. This medication is more costly as compared to medicated dips.
  • Try using interceptor. Interceptor is also a way of treating dog mange. This treatment works by preventing parasites from entering your dog’s body. It destroys parasites by blocking nerve signal transmissions. If you want to use this treatment, be sure to administer this to your dog for at least once a month. Make sure you give the medicine on the same day every month. Giving this treatment to your dog is easy. These flavored tablets usually taste like beef. This makes it easier to feed interceptors to your pet. However, if your dog still refuses to take the tablets, you can insert the pills into a treat that you usually give your dog.
  • Do not use motor oil to treat dog mange. Most people think that using motor oil is an effective way of treating mange. This is a wrong assumption. Remember that motor oil can be toxic. Motor oil is also poisonous. Since the skin of your dog absorbs the oil, the skin will become susceptible to permanent damage. Aside from damaging the kidney, motor oil can also damage the liver.
  • Maintain proper hygiene. One way of treating dog mange is by keeping your dog clean. This can help prevent further infections. Regularly bathing your dog can also help in removing the dead skin cells from your dog. You should use medicated baths when bathing your dog. This may help heal your dog’s sore skin faster. You can also apply lemon juice on the affected skin. Another thing you can do is to keep your dog’s bedding clean. Remember that mites cause dog mange. It is imperative to clean your dog’s surrounding to prevent the disease. Washing your dog’s things is also a way of preventing mange. You can also use solution that can kill mites in your home. There are also mite sprays that are available today. You can use this spray before letting your dog go out.
  • Give your dog the right vitamin supplements. Like other diseases, you can prevent dog mange by giving your dog health supplements. Supplements that contain fatty acids are a good way of keeping your dog healthy. It also keeps your dog’s skin and coat healthy. Supplements that contain Vitamins E and C can also increase your dog’s immunity.

These are the most effective treatments for dog mange. If you do not know how to determine which treatment is right for your dog, call a veterinarian. After diagnosing the condition, the vet will know what treatment you should use.


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