How To Use Canine Medications

Prior to giving your pet any medication, you should make sure you understand the instructions given to you by the vet. These instructions will include dosage, how often to give your pet the medication and what side effects you should watch out for.

If you have ever tried to give your dog medication, then you know how difficult it can be. A dog will not simply open his mouth up like a good boy and swallow it down. Dogs cannot usually be bribed with a treat or special surprise to take their medicine, either. The key to getting a dog to take his medicine is to be sneaky. Here are some tricks that can you use that will take the fuss and worry out of giving your dog his medicine.

  1. If your dog is smart and suspects that you are preparing his medication, he may make a run for the border. Before you even get out your pet’s medicine, you should make sure that all doors are closed and that your dog cannot run and hide from you.
  2. Check with your veterinarian for special treats that are designed just for administering medication to your dog. These morsels have a small hole in them where you can insert a pill. These treats are very affordable and your dog will think that he is being given a delicacy.
  3. Disguise your dog’s medication in clumps of food. You can use bologna, liver, cheese or even a spoonful of jelly.
  4. If your dog has to take large pills that cannot be disguised in a chunk of food, simply cut the pill in half or into quarters. This way your dog will never suspect (or feel) that he is eating a pill.
  5. Many dog owners swear that marshmallows are the key to getting some pets to take their medications. You can use mini marshmallows to hide your pet’s pills. Simply mash the pill into the center of the marshmallow. If all you have are large marshmallows, you can tear one in half and mash the pill into the sticky center.
  6. If you have to give your dog an oral medication, you can mix it into a heavily scented and tasty treat like tuna or canned meat. You can also put it into your pet’s water. However, if the medication is very bitter, your pet may refuse to drink it.
  7. For pets who spit out their pills no matter how well disguised, you may have to take matters into your own hands. Sit down and place your pet between your legs. Tilt his face up, pry his mouth open and place the pill in the back corner of his mouth. Next, rub his throat to make him swallow while you hold his mouth closed. Some pet owners say that smearing butter or jelly in a pet’s mouth will help encourage him to swallow the pill as he licks off the tasty treat.


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