How To Use Oil of Oregano to Clean Dogs Teeth

Dogs are fun to have around. You can do lots of things with them. You can train them to play games with you and you can rely on them to keep a close watch within your area. With this in mind, it’s up to you to oversee the health conditions of your canine friends.

Oral care is one of the basic elements you have to look at. Learn how you can use oil of oregano extract to keep your buddy’s pearly whites intact.

  • It won’t hurt to ask. Share your thoughts of using this natural remedy to your pet’s vet. You might gain his approval or not but at least you can gain a better perspective of what the effects will be. Make your own research to validate the famed benefits of this extract and how it can be utilized to your dog’s advantage. Bear in mind the rule of thumb with oregano oil. Avoid the undiluted version as it can give your canine buddy a great deal of pain and discomfort associated with burns and skin irritation.
  • Treat you dog in three ways. Oil of oregano has been highly regarded due to its four amazing contributions to health circles. It can be an antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, or antifungal. It has the potential to inhibit the growth and development of many bacterial and viral types. There are three methods that you can rely on to allow your dog experience the caring power of this extract. But be very cautious when dealing with pregnant and nursing females. Give your energetic pet two to three drops of combined oil of oregano and olive oil. Follow the ratio of 1:3. You can also use a topical preparation with one part of oregano and four parts olive oil. If you are going to employ a diffuser ten to fifteen drops will do.
  • Give his teeth some old-fashioned brushing. There are two elements that you can depend on for the significant part of diluting the oil of oregano extract. You can either go with herbal toothpaste or olive oil. Combine a drop of oregano with a tablespoon of whichever substance you prefer. Once you’ve created the appropriate mixture dip your dog’s toothbrush to get a small amount. Brushing should be done in a gentle manner. Make sure you adhere to small, circular patterns. Resistance and irritability from your dog is a sign that you didn’t execute the dilution properly. In such case, go back to the initial step and add toothpaste or olive oil accordingly.
  • Trick him for his own good. Oil of oregano does not have a pleasing flavor. There are times when your dog will find it hard to deal with. Be patient with your canine companion as this is a natural reaction. What you can do is put it on foods that are appealing for your pet. Grab a dog food that he is very fond of and let him enjoy while having the assurance that oral care is not compromised.

Bear in mind that as you attend to the oral cavity of your dog you are not only making his life worth living. You are also advocating the well-being of the people that are close to him. Be consistent with his program so that you won’t hesitate receiving his playful gestures.


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