Know If There’s a Dog Food Recall

Just as we want only the safest foods for our human family members, we want to ensure our pets are eating safe food. The terrible incidents in 2007 of melamine contaminated foods, sold under numerous brand names, has put many per owners ill at ease.

If you have a dog, chances are you consider it to be very important to know if there’s a dog food recall. These recalls, if instituted quickly can save a lot of grief. There are ways to keep up with news on this topic. One of the best is to check with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a regular basis.

For dogs in particular, you should bookmark the FDA’s list of pet food recalls and visit the site regularly so you will know if there’s a dog food recall. You can find information on the FDA site about any other recalls for human or pet products.

It is a good idea to keep up with the news (in general), but especially with matters that concern health and food safety. You will find that many recalls are specific to certain lot numbers, so it is important to record these numbers when news comes out. You may know if there’s a dog food recall by staying up with the news, but most dog food producers acquire and make their products in various manufacturing plants around the world, so to know if there’s a dog food recall that might be important to you and your pet, be sure to make note of the particulars of the recall.

Since pet food makers have an intense interest in assuring consumers that they are buying safe products, pet food manufacturers will normally be the first to recall a product if a problem becomes known to them. So consumers who stay with one or a small number of particular brands of dog food should keep up with that manufacturer’s web page. The manufacturer, after receiving several complaints, will be the source to know if there’s a dog food recall.

There are also a number of websites devoted to dog lovers, whether particular breeds or just any breed. A quick scan of the net will yield a trove of websites that cater to the dog owner. Needless to say, anything that could impact the health of man’s best friend will be topic one if there is a problem with the quality of batches of food.

It is a fairly simple matter, but one that requires commitment to keep abreast of dog health issues, and particularly to be sure that you know if there’s a dog food recall.


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